VergeSense Earns Investment for Social Distancing Solutions

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COVID-19 will leave lasting effects on the workforce. While millions of workers will continue to enjoy working from home, millions of others will take on the commute once again and return to the workplace. Whether it’s a factory, restaurant or contact center, certain precautionary measures coming when we reopen and, one of the primary is social distancing.

As the demand for workplaces sensors skyrockets, VergeSense announced the closing of a $9 million round of investment led by Allegion Ventures, and also included funds from West Venture, Jll Spark, Pathbreaker Ventures, Metaprop and Y Combinator. VergeSense is expecting to see a boost in sales by 500% quarter over quarter.

COVID-19 is driving demand for change; the din for opening the doors is rising in decibel level. At this time, VergeSense processes 6 million sensor reports per day with a presence in 15 countries. The VergeSense system measures distance between employees and interaction frequency delivering a floor map to display both safe and unsafe spacing in the office, with additional comprehensive reporting capabilities.

In addition, its COVID-19 Wellness Compliance Dashboard provides a visual description of occupancy during the day. With local government and the CDC mandating requirements, organizations can customize settings to see real time occupancy statistics so moving forward, shift assignments and workforce planning is more efficient and effective.

VergeSense’s Smart Cleaning Planner provides insight into the most used areas in the office to assist in limiting the spread of germs.

“VergeSense is currently proving just how nimble they can be and how valuable and adaptable their technology is,” said Rob Martens, president of Allegion Ventures. “In the midst of a world crisis, they have quickly positioned themselves to help senior business leaders ensure safer workspaces through social distancing, while at the same time still driving productivity, engagement, and cost-efficiency.

First, there was the mass migration home. Soon, the office will reopen, and employers are tasked with providing employees with safe working environments. Social distancing technology is critical in these efforts.