Pandemic Tech Alliance Announced

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SHELTON, CT – May 27, 2020 In response to COVID-19, potentially the most significant crisis of the modern era, TMC has launched the Pandemic Tech Alliance.

The Pandemic Tech Alliance represents companies who make solutions involved in testing, contact tracing, social distancing, health care, vaccines, treatments, smart cities, intelligent buildings, communications and more.

The Pandemic Tech Alliance (PTA) mission is to advance the creation of and adoption of products and services that allow society to function during current pandemics and prepare for future pandemics and diseases. Members are a global community of organizations looking to help society manage the impact of pandemics and continue to function in a healthy, secure and productive manner.

The primary goals of the Pandemic Tech Alliance are to foster the development of pandemic related solutions that include research, protection from pandemics, patient care and future of pandemic innovations, solutions and strategy for business, career, school, community, society, leisure, travel, food, etc.

PTA will further focus on privacy initiatives to the extent they are helpful in making the public and government agencies comfortable with technologies such as contact tracing, drone surveillance and others that benefit society but also cause privacy concerns.

The Alliance will foster partnerships, interoperability and adherence to standardization efforts while providing educational resources and a platform for productive communication among industry participants.

A primary goal of the Pandemic Tech Alliance is to foster adoption of the technologies, products and solutions created by the Pandemic Tech community.

To accomplish its mission, the Pandemic Tech Alliance:

  • Advances product development to foster the faster development of solutions.
  • Advances product interoperability.
  • Develops industry-wide technical recommendations and best-practice guides.
  • Hosts both online and live conferences and trade shows.
  • Participates in various PT policy and technology initiatives.
  • Creates white papers and other documents.
  • Maintains a growing, global community of PT industry professionals.
  • Places guest speakers and industry experts as panelists at leading conferences.
  • Seeks media opportunities for Pandemic Tech Alliance Members.

Alliance members will represent numerous markets, including:

  • Health Tech/Telehealth
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Insurance
  • Clean Tech
  • Supply Chain
  • Farming/Food Supply Management
  • Smartphone tech/apps
  • Fintech
  • Wearable tech
  • IoT & The Smart City
  • Property Tech
  • Public Policy
  • Mental Health
  • Contactless tech
  • Future of Work
  • Customer Care/CX
  • Connectivity/Communication
  • Teleworking/Telecommuting
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Augmented/Virtual Reality
  • Gaming
  • Intelligent Buildings           

Thomas B. Cross, author, thought leader, solutions developer, speaker and author of MindMeld: Merging Mental and Metal, called the “best book on artificial intelligence,” will serve as the Alliance Executive Director of Member Services.

According to TMC CEO Rich Tehrani, “Technological solutions are the only way to get through this and future pandemics to protect lives and the trillions of dollars at risk in the global economy. The Pandemic Tech Alliance will help drive awareness and adoption of new and existing technologies that help business and communities manage in times of crisis to function safely.”

“Tom Cross is an important thought leader in the space with expertise in tech, communications and smart buildings among other relevant areas to the Alliance’s mission. We are confident he is committed to building a center of excellence, educational expertise and collaboration,” added Tehrani.

Membership, thought leadership and innovative solutions can be found at Press and membership inquiries can be sent to [email protected] or [email protected].

Companies and organizations interested in joining the Pandemic Tech Alliance can contact Tom Cross ([email protected]) or Dave Rodriguez ([email protected]).

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TMC/Pandemic Tech Alliance Contact:
Michelle Connolly
Marketing Manager
[email protected]