Browser Extension Lets Amazon Shoppers Support Small Businesses Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

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As the coronavirus pandemic continues to have a devastating impact on America’s small business community, Tribe, a tech company helping empower consumer spending, today launched a new, free tech tool specifically designed to aid and support small businesses across the country. 

Tribe’s Small Business Browser Extension is a free tool helping consumers easily identify products sold by small businesses on Amazon. As consumers shop online for thousands of products ranging from household items to snacks to cosmetics, the Small Business Browser Extension empowers online shoppers to easily choose and directly support, shop and purchase products from America’s small business community. 

Tribe CEO and founder Kim Pieper

“As millions of small businesses hemorrhage financial losses during the COVID-19 pandemic, they risk closing their doors as a result of the economic shutdown and limited re-opening,” said Tribe CEO and founder Kim Pieper. “Tribe’s free Small Business Browser Extension gives consumers the power to use their dollars to select and purchase thousands of desired products directly from a small business while shopping online.”

Pieper continued, “America’s small business community has been hurting throughout this pandemic, and we felt we had to do something to support them as online stores continue to be a critical platform to sell their products. Our new Small Business Browser Extension harnesses the billions of dollars in online consumer spending towards small businesses who need our support now more than ever.  The ability to direct our spending provides consumers with a tremendous amount of collective purchasing power to support small businesses across the country.”

When consumers add Tribe’s Small Business Browser Extension to their browser of choice and search for their favorite products on Amazon, the free tool appears as a small box in the corner of their browser window, alerting the shopper to similar products offered by a small business. The new tool is currently available for download on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

A survey by the Small Business Roundtable found that the economic impact of the coronavirus on the small business community has been severe, indicating they are closing their doors, face dire economic circumstances and expect an uncertain future. In fact, retail shops across the country have been forced to close due to shelter-in-place, social distancing measures and limited re-opening requirements, leaving 24% of small businesses on the brink of closing for good. Meanwhile, while there has been a 49% increase in online shopping, Tribe can provide an easy and safe way of helping consumers looking to support the small business community while shopping.  

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Examples of How Tribe Helps Identify and Allow Consumers to Select Products Directly from Small Businesses

“Our goal is to help the consumer use their purchasing power to support a small business selling the same or similar product on Amazon. We want to give the consumer as many competitive options available at their fingertips while at the same time, supporting this critical business demographic that has been decimated during this pandemic,” concluded Pieper.