Viziblezone Introduces Contact Tracing to Verint COVID-19 Solution Set

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The contact center is proving quite resilient, as it seamlessly shifted gears from the physical to the virtual. Innovation is allowing a way through COVID-19 and WFH mandates. And, it will be innovation that guides society back to normalcy.

Still, there is a need for pandemic technology to help companies and the economy re-open their offices successfully.

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One country on the forefront of epidemic tech is Israel – they have a wealth of innovation from vaccines to testing to AI that are helping the global economy get back on its feet.

AI startup Viziblezone announced a new partnership with Verint, enabling the addition of Viziblezone contact tracing technology as a key piece of Verint’s COVID-19 operational solution. The comprehensive solution aims at assisting organizations in reopening office spaces as safely as possible.  

Profile photo of Alan Stoddard
Alan Stoddard, VP and General Manager, Verint Situational Intelligence Solutions

Alan Stoddard, VP and General Manager, Verint (News – Alert) Situational Intelligence Solutions, said “We have been searching for a solution like Viziblezone’s; one that is easy to use, can be easily integrated into our current COVID-19 operational solution, and that offers the maximum accuracy. We are offering the best solutions in the market today, and this will include Viziblezone’s contact tracing solution.”

Profile photo of Gabi Ofir
Gabi Ofir, CEO of Viziblezone

The contact tracing software is a mobile-based AI powered solution that leverages mobile phones that was initially developed as pedestrian protection software, and will now be critical in assisting government agencies and enterprise address the demands of the post COVID-19 world.

Gabi Ofir, CEO of Viziblezone, said “Our mission has always been to protect lives. I am happy that we were able to offer our solution to aid in the current crisis, and very pleased to have Verint as our partner in doing so.”

Key features include:

  • De-centralized privacy architecture.
  • Randomized ID’s generated locally, re-generated periodically.
  • Tracing log file is encrypted and stored locally.
  • Verified carrier logfile sent to company server and pushed to employees phones.
  • There no data saving on the server.
  • Matching algorithm runs locally.
  • The entire privacy settings and rules can be configured for your needs.

The Israeli startup is pairing with a preeminent customer engagement solution provider, putting the practicality of social distancing and contact tracing within a future-forward and feature-rich customer engagement suite.

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