QR Codes Provide Contactless Option for Acquiring PPE for NYC Travelers

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Kiosks have become increasingly popular for quick shopping needs.  From the Red Box DVD and video game dispensers to the Best Buy machines seen in airports, kiosks offer a quick, simple, self-service shopping experience for many items.  They have also become more prevalent in other situations as well, such as for placing deli counter orders at the grocery store, or as a self-service option at fast food restaurants. 

The challenge, though, during this ongoing pandemic is they aren’t contactless, and absent of constant sanitizing, could pose a risk of virus transmission to many people.  That’s where QR code-based contactless kiosks can help.

They are already being used in many restaurants to provide contactless menus, and now Vengo Labs is bringing similar technology to its network of retail kiosks.  Vengo kiosks are currently in some 1,400 retail, transit, school, and gym facilities across the country and provide convenient access to a variety of consumer goods in these locations.  In response to consumer demand during the pandemic, Vengo has adapted its software to deliver a mobile-enabled experience.

“We hear the needs of our clients and their consumers, and the future is touchless.

Brian Shimmerlik, CEO,  Vengo Labs

The contactless service will allow customers to access the products they need with and increased sense of safety.  The added measures will also hopefully help curb the spread of the virus.

With the continued spread of the virus in many states, the first initiative Vengo is undertaking is launching a series of touchless PPE kiosks in New York City to ensure Metro North, LIRR, and MTA commuters have easy access to these products to keep themselves and others safe.  Travelers will have the ability to buy KN95 masks, hand sanitizer, and rubber gloves from these kiosks directly through their smartphones.

All they have to do is scan the QR code on the kiosk, select the appropriate product, and make payment.  The PPE will be available from the dispenser at the bottom.

“We love NYC and it is an honor to help keep the city strong by bringing PPE to NYC subway commuters, tourists and travelers at this vital time.”

Brian Shimmerlik

“The national increase in Covid-19 cases shows how important it is for us to maintain vigilance on use of masks and other PPE.  We want to make it as easy as possible for customers who may not have masks to get them so they can ride the subway. Wearing a mask is the single most important thing our customers can do to protect themselves and those around them – and more than that, it’s absolutely required to ride the system.”

Sarah Feinberg, Interim President, MTA New York City Transit

MTA rolled out the first 12 pilot kiosks in 10 subway stations at the end of June. 

Here’s the catch, if you check out the video above, the slot where customers retrieve their PPE has a hinged door – like those found on many vending machines.  That means the experience really isn’t 100% contactless, and customers will need to also buy wipes or sanitizer along with their masks.