Automated Temperature Monitoring Makes Workplace Health Initiatives More Effective

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While millions of people continue to work from home, millions more are out in their workplaces.  In many cases, those workplaces and jobs include close interactions that aren’t conducive to distancing.  Healthcare workers, retail, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, transportation centers, corporate campuses and buildings, and many more places make distancing difficult at times.  As the new school year nears, educational institutions to the list – some have announced they will be going virtual at least for the fall, but most are still planning on in-person education and campus living.

Knowing that, these organizations have to take extra care in managing and monitoring healthy environments and practices.  Obviously, masks and enhanced washing and sanitization are a must.  There are also countless temperature screening, people counting, and contact tracing tech available, but we’re talking about situations where people are regularly in close contact with one another, and symptoms could appear at any time, even if they recorded a temperature reading when entering the facility in the morning.

For situations like these, constant monitoring may be the best way to identify warning signs as they emerge.  One way to do that is with a wearable smart thermometer that provides real-time temperature data and can send alerts the moment a reading exceeds a defined threshold, like the NIRA Temp.

“During the COVID-19 quarantine, the US effectively shut down all social interactions because of health and safety concerns.  We wanted to enable schools, factories, healthcare systems, offices and other organization to resume campus activities in the most safe and effective way possible.”

David Bean, President & Founder, NIRA

The NIRA Temp device is a small patch that can be safely and securely under the armpit with an adhesive bandage sticker.  Its small size is discrete and doesn’t cause any discomfort, so it may be worn all day.  The thermometer us FDA, HIPAA, DGPR and CCPA compliant and provides readings with 0.2-degree accuracy.  That’s significantly better than most touchless thermometers in use today.  If you’ve had you temperature reading taken with one, you’ll know they can vary greatly based on several variables.  The device is water resistant and comes with a 365-day battery.

“It’s so simple and easy to use; you simply set it in the morning and forget it!  Most importantly, it is accurate, secure and effective.”

David Bean

The NIRA Temp app provides a dashboard of temperature readings over time, and users can set automated alerts to be sent via SMS, email, or app notification.  Users may also share their data with family members, caregivers or healthcare providers, managers or HR teams, or anyone else who needs access to the data.  Access is granted through a simple opt-in feature on the app.  Organizational management, including COVID-19 directors, can access group data through NIRA’s cloud-based API and web dashboard. 

In addition to the convenience and ongoing monitoring, NIRA Temp eliminates the time and effort it takes to take manual readings at entrances, in lobbies, or in other on-site locations.  Instead of creating bottlenecks, people are able to immediately proceed to wherever they are headed without delays or questions due to inaccurate readings.

This pandemic is clearly going to be part of our lives much longer than most people expected, and temperature monitoring is going to be a part of ongoing health protocols.  For any organization, the automated, real-time monitoring provides an added layer of safety to help reduce risk and control the spread of the coronavirus.  

The NIRA Temp device is available for pre-order for both individuals and organizations. The NIRA Temp device comes with a one-month starter supply of mounting bandages and free mobile apps. Pre-orders for organizational devices include a 1-year subscription to the organization API and web-based organizational dashboard. Orders are scheduled to ship in volume early next month.