New Contact Tracing Device from Building Momentum

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Building Momentum has built an inexpensive, low power, and non-invasive (private) contact tracing device that records and measures interactions and provides immediately useful information in the event of an outbreak.

The devices have the following features/benefits:

  • They communicate with each other via Bluetooth
  • The store no personal data
  • They have 10 hours of battery life
  • They allows an organization to identify closest contacts for each person and share how well they are social distancing

Building Momentum, a problem-solving organization that also trains and empowers people to use new and emerging technology to create solutions that are critically important everywhere from the battlefield to the boardroom and beyond.

Our thoughts are that this device solves a lot of problems with current contact tracing solutions involving phones. They do not share information with big tech companies which will people feel better about their privacy. Conversely, it is another thing to wear and charge. If it incorporates some sort of badge that allows employee access, it would become something that has to be worn instead of something that requires enforcement to be worn.