PurifySpaces Provides Clean Air without Disrupting Office Aesthetics

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Whether you’re managing a business, school, or any other type of facility, the health and safety of anyone coming into your spaces has to be a top priority.  The ongoing pandemic has created a reasonable fear of contracting COVID-19 in public venues where appropriate safety measures aren’t being taken.  In turn, that has prioritized investment in solutions to minimize the spread of the virus in buildings, where distancing is can be more difficult and people may be in shared spaces for extended periods, such as school classes or business offices.

Leveraging technology originally developed for the U.S. military, Red Thread has created a clean air solution that not only helps eliminate COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria, but blends into any physical environment, so it doesn’t create an aesthetic distraction.

Red Thread’s PurifySpaces solution used Bluezone technology, which has a 99.98% effectiveness rate in killing COVID-19 within two hours.  The way it works is straightforward:  Air is drawn in through the top or side of a unit and circulates through the Bluezone UV light reaction chamber, killing any virus cells.  Clean air is then returned into the room from the bottom or side of the unit.

“Managing compliance and safety will be an ongoing challenge for any workplace re-entry strategy, even with comprehensive post-COVID protocols.  Effective air cleaning is a critical element of infection management and risk mitigation for any space.”

John Mitton, VP of Audiovisual Technology, Red Thread.

Each unit is designed to clean 7,500 cubic feet of air every two hours, which is about the size of an average classroom.  Larger spaces – like large classrooms, conference rooms, lecture halls, open office spaces – would need multiple units, depending on their size.

What’s neat about the PurifySpaces solution is the Bluezone units are built into custom cabinets that are designed to blend into office, school, or other spaces, while producing a constant flow of clean air. The units, which continuously treat air at a quiet ambient sound level that isn’t disruptive to other activities, is available in two models – a tower and a credenza design – to fit neatly into any environment. Red Thread offers more than 100 laminate surfaces to choose from, making it easy to find something that closely matches existing decor.  

Purify Spaces is the third piece of Red Thread’s re-entry solution, which also includes RapidEntry and AmplifyTeamwork.

RapidEntry is a modular system for temperature screening as individuals they enter a facility without creating long queues or intrusion.  A specialized thermal camera with calibrator technology is integrated into a sturdy and aesthetically designed structure, which can quickly and easily fit into most building lobbies or check-in spaces.

AmplifyTeamwork is a flexible way to implement the latest Microsoft or Zoom technologies, without a large up-front cost.  Instead, for a set monthly cost, you can get the technology, service, training, monitoring,  and support, to provide a quality collaboration experience in the office.