Cloud Key for COVID-19 Contact Centers

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When coronavirus first reared its ugly head, I think it’s fair to say the masses assumed rapid resolution. Cloud communications can at least ensure operations remain afloat with work from home becoming the new normal. The contact center has officially found a home in cloud, enabling municipalities to keep citizens informed.

As cities across the country scramble to protect populations, keeping people educated on COVID-19 is critical, and Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center is making this possible in a number of major metropolitan areas.

The Five9 solution is currently deployed in New York City, Detroit and Orlando to support rising call volumes at COVID-19 informational call centers.

“In this unprecedented time of uncertainty, people are demanding access to information,” said Dan Burkland, Five9 President. “Five9 is proud to offer a reliable and safe work from home solution that enables agents to work remotely while also providing essential information regarding COVID-19 to local residents. It is times like these where the power of human connection and access to information is of the utmost importance.”

The Five9 FastTrack program promises completed contact center migration in 48 hours. The Detroit deployment, for instance, saw 5,000 inbound lines up and running within 24 hours.

“Now is the time that we are able to demonstrate the quick agility and scalability that the cloud offers,” said Burkland. “Five9 has aided the seamless transition of tens of thousands of agents to working remotely to comply with work from home mandates while keeping enterprises functioning efficiently.”

Is your contact center in the cloud, yet?