TIBCO Spotfire COVID-19 Dashboard Helps with Reopening Decisions

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A COVID-19 dashboard that has been helping people better understand data related to the disease since March has added new features to help everyone make better decisions as businesses reopen and employees return to work.

The COVID-19 Live Report with TIBCO Spotfire is a joint project of two leaders in technology innovation, Arria NLG and TIBCO Software Inc. Arria’s natural language generation software is used in the Live Report application on TIBCO Spotfire to provide key data insights into the impact of the disease from the local to the global level.

Profile photo of Sharon Daniels
Sharon Daniels, CEO of Arria

“With the additional features that have been added, people will have a better understanding of the outbreaks, and they also will be informed about what their local governments are doing as the country reopens,” says Sharon Daniels, CEO of Arria. “You can dive into details of your region’s progress as you evaluate back-to-work and other re-opening scenarios.”

We recently reported on the news of the game-changing tech from Arria when we broke the news on their BNY Mellon partnership.

The Live Report includes a rich palette of rigorous, scientific analyses, including local and regional estimates of the time-varying Effective Reproduction Number (Rt), along with case and fatality velocities and projections from statistically robust fits to epidemic data. Combined with data on non-pharmaceutical interventions, this gives businesses and the general public an informed view of the back-to-work landscape.

Arria’s NLG software then uses artificial intelligence to transform the data into a written narrative, helping dashboard viewers better understand what the data is telling them. People can more easily see trends in the virus numbers, such as what areas are experiencing fewer cases, whether there are any upticks, and what’s happening with the numbers as states reopen.

Michael O'Connell | TIBCO Software

“This virus continues to exponentially reproduce and spread at every opportunity,” says Michael O’Connell, Chief Analytics Officer of TIBCO. “Typically, people don’t understand exponential growth, especially when it’s invisible like this. Our data science methods handle reporting artifacts, identify signals, and help predict local hotspots. The combination of analytics and natural language brings insights and understanding to the masses.”

Daniels points out that prior to COVID-19, companies embraced advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, but the interest has grown dramatically since the pandemic. Businesses needed to be able to quickly use and understand data in a number of ways, such as identifying supply-chain disruptions or providing support services to workers who were at the highest risk for infection, among many other needs.

“Now, we are starting to look at the data from a different perspective,” Daniels says, “As people make decisions about going back to work, returning to school in the fall, and reopening a variety of resources within a community.”

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