FairWarning Protects Salesforce Home Users During Covid-19

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70% think remote employees create more risk for a company than in-office staff. This is because when employees were forced to move from the office to the home in such a short amount of time, the shift left critical gaps in many business’ Salesforce security operations. Salesforce is cloud-based, so with this borderless work environment comes a new series of security concerns.

FairWarning protects the privacy of people and organizations by securing their most sensitive data and they are now providing their platform for enhanced Salesforce data security and governance controls free for 45 days. By extending its turnkey solution for free, FairWarning is seeking to help organizations navigate the challenges of COVID-19 through the monitoring of remote workforces and mitigating cybersecurity threats, while ensuring regulatory compliance. 

The solution works to monitor Salesforce users, detect security threats, and mitigate insider threats while enabling regulatory compliance across enterprise applications. FairWarning’s platform is able to enact these capabilities through technology that works to put a net around the privacy of an organization’s data.

Mike Mason, VP of Emerging Markets at FairWarning

“Over the last several weeks there has been an uptick in hacking incidents and employees skirting security measures to make work more convenient, causing cybersecurity best practices to fall to the wayside. Having the right technology solution in place can mitigate these risks while keeping data secure and alerting IT to suspicious activities,” said Mike Mason, VP of Emerging Markets at FairWarning. “We understand that the move to remote working has put organizations in a position where they have to scramble to ensure operations are seamless, which is why we’re providing our Salesforce activity monitoring platform free for 45 days. We’re hoping that by doing so we can be a helping hand for organizations trying to navigate these challenging times.”

FairWarning’s platform provides real-time visibility into Salesforce activity including remote workforce reports and alerts that monitor whitelisted IP addresses, escalated user privileges, changes to password policies, changes to security controls, and login geolocations of users.

During the free 45 days, enrollees will have access to multiple cybersecurity capabilities through the Salesforce activity monitoring platform, which include:

  • Identifying and removing errant IP addresses that have access to your system
  • Finding users whose access or authority expanded to inappropriate levels, and adjusting them back to company standards
  • Identifying potentially compromised credentials via logins from unexpected locations
  • Uncovering signals of potential malicious activity by monitoring changes to password policies and security controls
  • Learning about and perhaps even stopping data exfiltration by establishing export activity baselines and alerts when thresholds are exceeded

This program is available to the first 100 enrollees.