Mobility: Keeping Businesses Connected During a Pandemic

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One of the biggest challenges businesses have experienced during the pandemic is communications.  Specifically, when you move your workforces from office to home environments, how do you ensure they have access to the communications tools that enable interactions with customers and other team members?

For telecom providers, the ability to enable remote communications has been a key to their ability to deepen existing relationships and develop new ones during the past six months.  Telico, a cloud-based VoIP provider out of Montreal, Canada, says specifically, its partnership with another Canadian company, Counterpath, has allowed it to deliver a UC solution that enables teleworking, and has driven its ability to engage its customers and partners in several verticals – including many in the healthcare sector. 

When distancing measures were mandated and businesses were forced to send workers home with little notice or preparation, Telico was able to provide the critical communications components – a mobility and collaboration solution that would help drive a seamless transition and ensure its users didn’t miss a beat when managing customers and workflows.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has forced end-users to work differently.  Our partnership with Telico has enabled the company to quickly react and provide offerings that meet the new normal of the remote workplace.”

Todd Carothers, Chief Revenue Officer, CounterPath

One of its first customers to adopt Counterpath’s solution was Elna Medical.  Using Bria Enterprise, Telico was able to ensure Elna’s 300 administrative workforce across a dozen clinics were able to work remotely and not miss any patient calls.  Importantly, the transition didn’t require any additional hardware.  Instead, workers were able to take and place calls from their mobile or desktop devices.

Bria Enterprise provides desktop and mobile softphone applications that enable easy dialing and call control features, directly from existing mobile devices or laptops/desktops.  The solution also provides additional CounterPath-hosted services for HD video conferencing, secure messaging and chat rooms, file transfer, and screen sharing.

Bria provides a simple interface that makes enabled features easy to use, extending the corporate phone system to any remote location.  Whether businesses continue to embrace teleworking into the future – as many have already committed to doing – or need a solution to mobile-enable its sales or other teams when they return to more normal work scenarios, an easy-to-use mobility solution that requires minimal setup and can be deployed very quickly and without having to switch service providers, should be a priority.