Twitter to Remove Lunatic Conspiracy Theory Tweets Linking 5G to Bill Gates and Covid-19

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Before there was Covid-19, there were crazy conspiracy theories circulating around Twitter and elsewhere that 5G was not safe. They go back to last summer if not far earlier.

After Covid-19 emerged, a misinformation campaign said to be from Russia has evolved to link 5G to Bill Gates and the CoronaVirus.

Let me be very clear – the thought that there is any link between viruses and radio waves is absolute lunacy. If anything, radio waves which are strong enough, will potentially denature viruses and kill bacteria – for example, radio waves from the sun.

After about a year of these lunatic, conspiracy theories – which caused people to set dozens of cell phone towers on fire in Europe, Twitter will take action. We are all for free speech but in this case, it is about time we kill this crazy foreign-powered conspiracy campaign.

On our sister site, Pandemic News Report – the top aggregator site of pandemic news, we linked to a story today worth reading: Vodafone CEO: 5G conspiracy theorists have ‘swallowed a dangerous lie’.

The problem with what has become known as the invisible enemy is the less-informed are easily misled about what the cause of the enemy or virus is. The ease of manipulation, in this case, does show the greater concern for humanity is not 5G but misleading information on social media.

We are glad Twitter is taking action.

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