The Indoor Lab Launches Safe Space, Helping Business get Back to the Office

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The Indoor Lab, a leading provider of sensor solutions for monitoring foot traffic today announced the launch of Safe Space for businesses of all types to ensure cleanliness, distancing and occupancy with its patent-pending WipeAway technology using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 3D LiDAR.

A Safe Space enabled business will provide a health performance index system that scores all aspects of compliance similar to the FDA restaurant grading system using cleanliness, distancing, occupancy and floor planograms building confidence that all measures are in place for their customers safe return. Safe Space will also help businesses be more cost effective with real-time and historical measurements for staffing, traffic and occupancy.

The technology measures a customer’s vapor trail from the moment they step into a location, essentially creating black light tracking and tracing detection that helps identify foot traffic and areas that need to be sanitized. The technology supports anonymous contact tracing efforts that have been put in place by many state and local governments throughout the phased reopening plans.

Profile photo of Patrick Blattner
Patrick Blattner, co-founder, The Indoor Lab

“A Safe Space™ enabled environment ensures locations have been cleaned, distancing measures are followed and occupancy levels are maintained,” said Patrick Blattner, co-founder, The Indoor Lab. “We are the first company to utilize three indexes for scoring a facility. We believe this will help businesses market to their customers on the high standards employed by being Safe Space enabled. The Indoor Lab is also the first to create a cleaning detection product in combination with our Wipe Away technology and 3D LiDAR to detect when locations or areas have been vacated and then sanitized. Our patent pending Safe Space is modeled after the FDA restaurant cleaning and grading standards.”

The Indoor Lab’s work was highlighted by the International Franchise Association (IFA) in its response to the White House Great American Economic Revival Task Force to support plans for reopening America. It has partnered with Tim Heffernan as a senior advisor to provide additional counsel and support. Heffernan has recently provided counsel for the IFA on the reopening of the nation and is the chief development officer for T3 Expo, a general events contractor.

As a senior advisor to The Indoor Lab, Heffernan will help support and provide guidance for the company as it collaborates with businesses about how to accomplish a rebirth as quickly as possible while ensuring personal safety and protecting the freedoms and privacy we all want.

“The Indoor Lab has technology that is uniquely designed for the times we are living in,” said Heffernan. “Its software algorithms are tuned to the unique advantages that LiDAR provides in order to see people, objects, and structures within a place of business. Coupled with easy reporting tools, they are able to give a clear view to businesses of their space and show consumers they are entering a clean, safe environment. It will help support the reopening plans and, equally as important, how to stay open for many businesses that want to provide a safe and healthy environment for their workers and consumers to help meet the rules and regulations that are in place for social distancing. It also allows events, restaurants and other organizations to assess how they clean and sanitize; the number of people allowed in the business; the flow of foot traffic and more. I am proud to work with them to coordinate these efforts.”

When the event business comes back online, their new suite of products will help improve the safety of attendees and event organizers. Click2Connect enables connections from up to 10 feet away complying with social distancing standards. How many times have you been without a business card or misplaced and important card? Each badge has the first of its kind interactive beacon that turns your badge into a virtual business card. Now, attendees and exhibitors can connect no matter where they are during an event including the hotel and at offsite locations.

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