net2phone Introduces Huddle Video Conferencing

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It is incredible how things turn out – it is so difficult to predict the future.

We always considered video as important as voice when it comes to communications but the world wasn’t really ready for video until the pandemic hit.

8×8 played in video for a while with a video phone over a decade ago but people weren’t ready for it to become mainstream.

Besides, Skype was giving away video as an app, making it an area that a lot of companies avoided as there wasn’t a clear way to make money.

Zoom cracked the code of group video conferencing and now everyone sees how important it is to play in the space. As we’ve mentioned before, Skype actually left an opening for them – they didn’t see the need for what we called Brady Bunch Conferencing in 2007.

Net2phone has been making quality IP communications solutions since the 1990s. Years before Skype and decades before Zoom.

They have just launched Huddle Video Conferencing.

They dub it a secure, feature-rich, high-definition video conferencing solution that is fully integrated with net2phone’s cloud communications service.  net2phone is offering Huddle to its clients worldwide for free during the COVID-19 crisis.

“net2phone has always been a powerful tool for business communication and collaboration,” said Jonah Fink, President of net2phone.  “In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we prioritized development and deployment of Huddle so that our clients can continue to adapt quickly to the profound changes in their markets and work environments.”

Huddle enables presenters to seamlessly share screens and YouTube videos.  Participants enjoy audio and video selection control, chat messaging, and the raise-hand option for recognition by the session moderator.  Huddle also provides real-time quality control and status updates to session moderators.

All Huddle conferences are fully passcode protected and encrypted for security.

To facilitate collaboration with dispersed employees, partners and customers, Huddle is accessible from any desktop or mobile device.  net2phone subscribers can access Huddle simply by logging in through the Huddle website with their net2phone credentials.  Invited guests without net2phone or Huddle accounts can participate in Huddle video conferences. The Huddle by net2phone apps for iOS and Android enable Huddle video conferences from mobile devices, and are available free from the App Store and Google Play.

“Huddle’s outstanding voice and video quality excels at bridging distances – bringing colleagues, suppliers and customers together for collaboration whether they are next door or around the globe,” Jonah Fink added.  “We’ll continue to add powerful new features and functionality to Huddle with input from our clients globally.”