Social-Distancing Via Drone Test in Connecticut Concludes

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Drone company Draganfly has ended the development of a social distancing measurement test program with the Westport, CT Police Department.

“While the development of the program is not moving forward in Westport, this was a valuable learning experience from which we are looking forward to evaluating the processes and lessons learned so the practice of social distancing has the right policies and procedures put in place to support this lifesaving technology,” said Cameron Chell, CEO Draganfly. “We look forward to working with other pilot partners and thank the Westport Police Department for their expertise and concern for public safety.”

“I am always committed to bringing our community the most innovative solutions to the public safety problems that it faces more now than ever with this virus continues to spread through the global community,” said Westport Chief of Police, Foti Koskinas. “We are honored to have been given an opportunity to assist in a pilot program which could someday prove to be a valuable lifesaving tool. In our steadfast commitment to public service, we hope to be included in future innovations once we are convinced the program is appropriate for Westport.”

The promise and potential of the Draganfly pandemic drone and camera systems is to provide anonymized data on social distancing. This real-time, anonymized data has the ability to help public safety officials with social distancing and determine the degree to which a virus is present within the community and help open economies in a prudent and safe manner.

Draganfly‘s technology does not employ facial recognition or collect individualized data, single out individuals and is not used for surveillance or contact tracing. The software is used to understand patterns within a population to allow officials to react quicker to ongoing or new potential health threats.