Telebroad Teleschooling: A Great Covid-19 Solution When There is no Zoom

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Telebroad is a Licensed Telephone Company and Registered Public Utility in many states since 2006 has been providing direct phone services to many schools, institutions and businesses. Since the Pandemic-related lockdown, they have been offering an adaptation of their services to serve the learning needs for those who do not have access to online services but have a telephone.

Their enhanced variation of conference calling is called ‘Teleschooling’.  This is a remote education platform for those, who are unable to access online services, e.g. Zoom or any other app that uses the Internet.

Although education is only one facet of our daily lives, during this lockdown the idea of remote learning and/or teaching has found itself focused exclusively on online services and activities for remote working and studying.  Of course, with access to the Internet its become easier than ever to conduct a remote class or hold a webinar online.

However, there hasn’t been much focus on a huge section of the population that either doesn’t have access to high speed, broadband Internet nor does it have access to the necessary devices or resources to participate in these online educational services

Think in terms of remote or Rural locations, where only Satellite Internet service is available to those who can afford it.  Think of small Charter Schools, Orthodox Religious Communities and/or Home Schooling.  Think of Native American Reservations.  All of these have a couple things in common.  The first is that there are a huge and staggering number of people that fit into this unconnected category and the second is they all have a telephone.

This complete teleschooling system enables teachers to provide live lectures and/or lessons to students with the additional ability for the students to also retrieve and/or listen to any previous lectures or lessons that they may have missed.  Students are also able to join in a conversation & ask questions using unique access codes.  These codes or PINs also have many administrative controls for the teachers so they can keep the classes under control, log their student’s attendance and provide some other reports. 

The features of Teleschooling are:

  • Teachers are able to monitor all attendees online.
  • There is written Log from all attendees for each conference.
  • Teachers are able to mute or un-mute students individually and in Bulk, for Q&A.
  • Teachers are able to upload lectures for students.
  • Students are able to leave messages/requests for Teachers.

The Teleschooling service consists of two separate components, i.e. Tele-Conferencing and an additional Hotline.  Each Classroom and/or Class of students gets its own unique set of telephone numbers and Personal Identification Numbers (PINs).

Each and every Teacher gets their own Administrative PIN for a specific class and each student also gets their own unique PIN.

Teacher’s options are:

1.     To start a new conference – Press 1

2.     To listen to a previous conference – Press 2

3.     Leave a bulletin board message or an announcement for the Students – Press 3

Student’s options are:

1.     Join a conference – Press 1

2.     Listen to a previously recorded conference – Press 2

3.     Listen to bulletin board messages from your Teacher – Press 3

4.     Listen to bulletin board messages or Alerts from the Principal – Press 4

5.     Instructions of how to use the System – Press 5

In certain specific communities throughout New York State, where Telebroad is based, many religious communities, such as the Orthodox Jewish, do not have regular internet access or TV for personal reasons. In addition, there are also many families, who have young children at home and do not have enough resources or computers for each child to participate in any actual “online learning”.

Since this lockdown and quarantine Telebroad has been providing this TeleSchooling service to well over 400 teachers from numerous schools and to more than 3500 students of all ages.  They are using this service daily and our user base is growing substantially all around the country.  They offer this service in all 50 states.