The 12 Changes Needed to Make a Socially-Distanced Concert

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If you wondered what concerts might look like in the future, we have an answer.

Travis McCready will play the first socially-distanced concert in Arkansas Friday, May 15th at TempleLive (TL) Fort Smith.

According to Ticketmaster, here are the Covid-19 changes which are in effect:

  1. No Elevator: Balcony only accessible by stairs.
  2. Reduced capacity: 80% less people; from 1,100 to 229.
  3. Sanitization: Venue will be sanitized by an independent third party prior to each event via fog sprayers.
  4. Masks will be required by all attendees and employees. Masks will be available for purchase.
  5. One-way walkways: Per CDC guideline: one-way walk-ways in theater managed by TL employees.
  6. 6 feet of separation from all seating groups or fan pods.
  7. 10 person limit in all restrooms.
  8. No touch: All soap and paper towel dispensers will be no touch.
  9. Closure of bathroom fixtures to maintain 6 feet of distance during use.
  10. Temperatures of attendees to be taken at entry points.
  11. Beverage lids: All beverages will be prepackaged or have lids.
  12. Wipedowns: TL employees will be actively wiping down touchpoints in venue and restrooms.

Many of these items were addressed in our recent article: Top 24 Covid-19 Changes Companies Should Make To Increase Safety And Reduce Liability.

Companies need to realize these new protocols will be needed for some time to make people comfortable coming to their establishment. In addition – these changes limit liability.