Avenga and Accu Reference Medical Lab Announce Solution to Prove Workers are not Infected with Covid-19

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Together, the international IT company Avenga and Accu Reference Medical Lab have built a solution, which enables employees entering their workplaces to show in an instant that they are not infected with COVID-19. The quick non-intrusive check allows them to get back to work safely, as well as to a normal social life. To make this possible, after a person is tested, their status is anchored in a blockchain provided by Ubirch. Verified and certified test results are transmitted in the form of a QR code that can easily be presented and read via scan. The IT infrastructure, from the systems in the lab to the blockchain and the app, meets the highest privacy standards and significantly speeds up the delivery of test results.

Profile photo of Juan J. Turruellas
Juan J. Turruellas, CEO North America and CRO at Avenga

“From hospitals to supermarkets to airports, being able to present an unimpeachable authentic medical coronavirus test result is crucial for ramping-up the economy through the upcoming months. However, the prerequisite for any certification to work is for the results to be delivered quickly and safely, and that they are secured against any inadvertent or malicious alterations. To make this possible, we used a process certification that is anchored in a blockchain.” – Juan J. Turruellas, CEO North America and CRO at Avenga.

How it works

Since the labs that produce these results are not directly connected to the person, it is necessary to not only provide test results in a timely manner but also to secure them from alterations. 

Now, labs can use a unique Secured Test Result System created by Avenga to register people, collect their data, get their test results, match them with a timestamp, and send them to a blockchain secured server in a hashed format. Any step through this process that adds or changes information to the sample is anchored in the blockchain.

The test results themselves are forwarded directly to the tested person via email in the form of a QR code. That QR code can be presented, along with an ID, wherever required. As soon as the ID and the scanned information are matched, proving the person is not contagious, they are allowed to enter. 

“The Secured Test Result System piloted with the help of Avenga and Ubirch is a huge step forward towards getting back to our normal lives. We are doing thousands of COVID-19 tests a week, but for them to be of maximum benefit, they have to be delivered to people as securely and as quickly as possible, in order to make it easy for them to presented whenever needed. This problem has been solved very elegantly by our partners.” – Vladimir Roudik, Director of Marketing at Accu Reference Medical Laboratory.

“Our blockchain-based security technology enables military-grade data protection. We are extremely happy to see it put to such good use.” – Stephan Noller, CEO at Ubirch. 

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