Alibaba Integral in PPE Distribution

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At this point, I can say I know far more about personal protective equipment (PPE) than I ever would have imagined. The COVID-19 world is offering new perspective, and as humanity comes together ecommerce is playing a pivotal role in navigating the global climate and provide necessary resources. announced that it is working to assist in the sourcing and distribution of PPE to protect health workers in the fight against COVID-19. The B2B ecommerce platform has been critical in the delivery of more than 25 million pieces of PPE.

Zhang Kuo, general manager of, said, “We soon realized many of our buyers, especially governments and healthcare systems, needed more specialized support. With this global direct procurement and supply pilot, we are leveraging’s own expertise and resources, as well as the power of the Alibaba Group ecosystem partners, to ensure international buyers can secure urgently needed PPE in a timely and transparent manner at fair market prices.”

With the supply chain interruption, large scale commercial buyers are struggling to find the resources they require. Alibba is stepping in to source and verify PPE from manufacturers lacking international business experience. Then, Alibaba’s smart logistics network, Cainiao, provides for accelerated PPE delivery.

Key to Alibaba’s success in PPE distribution is working side by side with buyers from negotiations to product inspection and customs clearance.

The supply chain will be under increased scrutiny for some time, as in the past several months the world has been forced to evolve safety protocols, find new distribution streams and rethink a lot of things about operations. Alibaba is stepping up to assist.