How to Reopen Your Business Responsibly

Future of Work

With so much news coming in on this subject, then analyzing for relevance, accuracy and authenticity, then organizing into understanding, unable and importantly, actionable this is not going to be the last news on this subject. We combined the latest into this – Distance-Dose-Duration. Coming from the CDC paper Coronavirus Disease Outbreak in Call Center , South Korea where multi-floor infections were found and a high-density work environment can become a high-risk site for the spread of COVID-19 and potentially a source of further transmission. In this case, same floor different area.

Erin Bromage PhD at UMAS suggests “Anyone you spend greater than 10 minutes with in a face-to-face situation is potentially infected. Anyone who shares a space with you for an extended period is potentially infected.” Her blog has great analysis and further discussion.

Bottom-line – In an office or other kind of building consider 10+ feet Distance between people (see down below for details) – protect yourself with a face mask and eye shield to reduce Dose exposure (to cover eyes and add more protection than just a nose-mouth) and limit Duration to as little time as possible <10 minutes or less. And, importantly train workers how to install personal protective equipment, provide first aid, who to call and replace/disinfect their own PPE daily or more depending on exposure realizing that now more than ever personal means personal to each person – no one-size fits all.

Here are six reopen responsibly posters for offices, retail or anywhere to remind people to check Distance-Dose-Duration.