New SpeedPro Touchless Menu for Covid-19 Dining

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SpeedPro, a large-format printing franchise with more than 170 studios throughout the US and Canada. in partnership with Denver-based Breckenridge-Wynkoop Restaurant Group, is launching a new signage technology to help maintain social distancing for customers with touchless menus.

SpeedPro’s new technology, “InfoLnkX,” will be strategically positioned within signage at a restaurant’s high-interaction customer touchpoints like host stands and dining tables. Customers need only hold their phones up to the sign or decal which then opens the restaurant or brewery’s menu via the web browser on each guest’s mobile device. Both Cherry Cricket restaurant locations at Ballpark and Cherry Creek in Denver will install the new technology signage for customer use today.

SpeedPro CEO Larry Oberly

SpeedPro CEO Larry Oberly says: “We knew this touchless technology would change the customer experience. We were in the process of developing it prior to the pandemic and have expedited the tech’s launch in order to aid businesses in their reopening and social distancing efforts to provide a solution to a critical need restaurants and other businesses face today.”

Smart signage through InfoLnkX allows the ability to provide more than what can be printed on the display. Customers can be directed to website links, video files, audio files and other types of communication which can play a critical role in business and community safety right now in virtual every industry.

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