How Unified Office is Helping Restaurants Survive and Thrive During the Pandemic

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Many restaurants have found themselves in situations where they may not be able to survive as a result of their dining-in customers no longer showing up at their restaurants.

Unified Office is perfectly positioned to help. Prior to the pandemic, the company was installing leading-edge unified communications solutions which as an added benefit integrated with IoT sensors allowing restaurant operators to remotely monitor and manage freezers, refrigerators, and make tables.

After the pandemic Unified Office pivoted to adapting its technology to help its customers evolve to contactless delivery which not only puts them in compliance with local regulations but makes customers more comfortable picking up food.

Recently, Domino’s Franchisee, Springfield Pie, turned to Unified Office‘s Total Connect Now VoIP and unified communications services. Using the solution, once Domino’s customers arrive for order pickup, they simply call or message the store, press an option and Total Connect Now (TCN) will notify the team members that their customers are outside and ready for pickup. Unified Office can also be dynamically configured to route inbound calls to another store or office location(s) as needed. TCN also quickly and easily reconfigured their store or office environment to allow customer service representatives to work from home or other remote locations.

Springfield Pie added the following suite of services on top of Unified Office’s Total Connect Now platform:

  • Visual Performance Suite, business analytics to monitor their operations including the performance of call center reps.
  • Total Connect Now Operations Performance Suite, an Internet of Things (IoT) service layer that manages and monitors the IoT sensors placed on refrigerators, make tables, ovens, lights and air conditioning units, etc.
  • Total Connect Now Sentiment Analysis Suite (TCNIQ), an AI solution that detects callers’ sentiment (anger, exuberance, etc.) in recorded calls, a big time saver over having to listen to each call one by one.
  • Whisper Coaching, enables managers to coach employees while they are on the phone with customers, without the customers hearing them, a big time saver.

Springfield Pie’s managers upload videos to play periodically for employees on their large VPS screens/wallboards to remind them to perform specified safety procedures such as washing hands, checking make table temperatures, and watching their contactless delivery tutorial and instructions. A portion of the wallboard can also be dedicated to IoT analytics that monitors different elements of their infrastructure such as freezers, refrigerators, and make tables. Using Unified Office’s customizable solutions, Springfield Pie’s staff were able to receive an audible message from the VPS wallboard announcing that they had an inbound call and a message pop-up that tells them that a customer has arrived for contactless pickup.

The Result:

Unified Office’s contactless delivery service is helping Springfield Pie serve their customers and expand their business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unified Office’s Food Safety Program helps them remain compliant and avoid food waste and any potential reputational damage that could occur by using Unified Office’s IoT solution. Before and during the pandemic, Springfield Pie has been able to benefit from the following results:

  • Substantial increase in successful call handling, increase in average order size
  • Same-store revenue increased as a result of process improvements, effectiveness, and upselling
  • Daily/Weekly “Specials” played to callers while they are in the order queue
  • A significant reduction in hold times and elimination of busy signals
  • Time and money saved with VPS analytics which help them coach staff and track IoT sensor data, receiving alerts via text and email
  • Reduction in revenue losses due to power outages by automatically detecting and re-directing incoming calls with Unified Office’s automatic failover solution.

Unified Office delivers all these services within the context of a single Managed Service. According to Augusto Garcia, Owner of Domino’s Franchise, Springfield Pie, “With Unified Office we can spend more time running our business and training and coaching employees and less time worrying about our phone services going down or our temperatures going up. If any indicator goes out of range, I get a notification. I can stay in charge of my stores from any device, anywhere in the world. The service is very easy to use and reliable and their execution has been flawless. Their customer service is very fast and reliable. We have also increased our revenues because of Unified Office, and they have given us a great return on our investment.”