Traction Guest the Latest Workplace Safety App on Salesforce AppExchange

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As states continue to monitor COVID-19 cases and adjust their strategies, businesses continue to develop their own plans and policies for re-opening and bringing workers back to their facilities.  Being able to meet state and local guidelines for re-opening is a must.  Depending on the nature of each businesses, a variety of technologies are already available to support safe re-opening.

Some we have covered recently on Pandemic Tech Report include:

Saleforce is also doing its part, having launched a fairly comprehensive COVID-19 resource site that includes its section of AppExchange, with a variety of tools and applications to help businesses re-open.

Traction Guest is the latest addition to the resources.  The visitor and employee management system is now available through Salesforce’s cloud marketplace.

The Traction Guest system is designed to make on-site experiences safe, secure and efficient, and to make it easier for businesses to bring employees and customers back to workplaces.  One of the key additions to the Traction Guest platform is its ZeroTouch sign-in and registration portal, which provides 100% contactless screening and access to facilities.

“Getting back to work is about more than just our physical presence in the office.  Humans crave social interaction.  Companies are eager to reopen.  The COVID-19 pandemic has made comprehensive management of people’s health, safety and their on-premises experience a priority for all organizations.” 

Keith Metcalfe, CEO, Traction Guest

The ZeroTouch solution provides several benefits to create safe workplaces.

  • Automates proactive safety screening and fully contactless access for employees and visitors, mitigating current and future risks.
  • Enables efficient sign-in for employees and visitors by minimizing the risk of disease transmission, supporting EHS best practices and decreasing kiosk queue times.
  • Increases facility safety by proactively controlling who is allowed to access a facility by pre-screening visitors and employees before they arrive.
  • Tracks who is on-site and maintains a centralized system of record of scheduled visits and portal registrations, gathering the data required to confirm safe entry.
  • Accelerates sign-in and eliminating line-ups and create a fast and efficient sign-in experience with a QR code scan and a fully compliant flow.

The system provides a complete end-to-end process that starts with its Dynamic Registration Portal that leverages a low-code drag-and-drop environment for creating create flows for different visitor types and location needs.  Each visitor or group receives an email invitation with a unique link to the registration portal as well as any specific instructions.  A customizable sign-in flow provides a welcome page and any documents workers or guests need to have or sign. 

The system also allows for proactive screening through a questionnaire to assess any possible COVID-19 symptoms, travel histories, or other related factors.  Visual guides provide specific details on health and safety protocols, including the ability to load specific content for various locations or visitor types, along with making viewing a requirement for admittance.  On-site sign-in is facilitated by QR codes that are sent when pre-registration has been completed, and create touchless sign-in at registration portals. 

“We are happy to see Traction Guest innovating to support customers as they bring employees back into the workplace and take on the monumental task of returning to optimal business productivity while striving to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.  It’s inspiring to see our partners innovating rapidly to help customers through this challenging time.”

Woodson Martin, GM, Salesforce AppExchange