Route4Me Partners with Italian Red Cross to Fight Coronavirus in Rome

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Dynamic route optimization company, Route4Me has partnered with The Red Cross of Rome, Italy to provide its last-mile route optimization platform to support their fight against Covid-19.

At the moment, the Italian Red Cross, branch of Rome, is handling over 6,000 requests for food aid for the Municipality of Rome, received by the toll free number of the CRI 800.065510. The Roman committees are employing around 200 volunteers for this activity.

” This software is used to plan deliveries made by crews, by entering the addresses and all of the useful data on the family to be reached – underlines CRI Roma – we are able to plan all the routes of our vehicles, with fuel and time savings. “

Route4Me Founder & CEO, Dan Khasis

“It’s an honor to work with The Red Cross of Rome to support their very necessary, admirable, and very difficult task of providing aid to those impacted by the coronavirus,” said Route4Me Founder & CEO, Dan Khasis. “The city of Rome has been significantly impacted by this pandemic, and we are here to support them. Having visited Rome in the past, it is personally a very special city to me. I enjoyed meeting Rome’s wonderful people, learning about its rich cultural history, and its amazing cuisine when I visited several years ago. I love Italy so much, I got married there.”

This partnership is part of a large scale Covid-19 initiative from Route4Me. The company is currently providing all its available services free of charge to any charitable, educational, and government agency anywhere in the world in the interest of public health and safety.

Route4Me works in almost every country because our geocoding is powered by Google Maps and Route4Me’s globally-distributed route optimization platform. The service is being made available as an unlimited free subscription until the peak of the Coronavirus public threat has passed. Public officials simply need to sign up for a free account, which will permit any number of team members to be added to the trial account. The Red Cross of Rome was able to deploy the solution to 200 people within a 2 week period with almost no training.

“We have proprietary and patented technology, hosted almost entirely on the Google Cloud Platform. Route4Me’s easy-to-use self-service platform scales to support organizations of any size, to significantly increase work efficiency, enable smart workforce guidance, and enables real-time operational orchestration and visibility, to ultimately help achieve a 300% improvement on most work activities, without adding additional people or staff,” explains Khasis. “We believe that being able to accommodate rapidly changing dynamic routes, dispatched to intuitive mobile apps, and supported by an amazing customer experience is the only way businesses will be able to overcome challenges associated with COVID 19. Our self-service platform will plan thousands of routes in a matter of seconds, and help track the location and progress of each task and route destination. Gaining visibility into activities completed by employees, contractors, or volunteers is very powerful when every minute of activity helps others.”

Examples of free Route4Me services that directly aid the fight against Coronavirus:

  • Touchless / “no contact” delivery of goods or services;
  • Forward deploying and tracking ambulances or sterilization teams to areas with a high density of elderly individuals;
  • Distribution of food from food banks or other donation centers to at-risk individuals;
  • Enhanced / temporarily modified/increased sanitation pickup routes;
  • Expedited laundry sterilization routes for hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities;
  • Pickup and drop off for non-emergency medical transport services (NEMT);
  • Distribution of school breakfast and/or lunch to children or seniors who depend on a meal program;
  • Optimized pickup routes of donations from the community who would like to contribute food or meals. Deliveries can be made to a food bank, or directly to those who need it.

Routes that are planned on Route4Me’s website can be distributed to employees or volunteers. Assigned work will be synchronized directly into their smartphone, and their progress will be tracked into a centralized management dashboard. If appropriate, the system can also be used to calculate payment for services.

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