Pandemic Tech: LiteSheet Solutions Launches LED UV-C Sanitizing Cabinet

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LiteSheet Solutions launched an LED UV-C sanitizing cabinet that is designed to decontaminate potentially deadly bacteria and viruses, like the COVID19 virus. 

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“By harnessing the power of UV-C light, we are able to kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, including the deadly COVID19 virus that is currently causing health and safety concerns globally,” said Roger Whyte, President and CEO of LiteSheet Solutions, “Unfortunately, this pandemic is the first wave of what may be many more and the LiteSheet UV-C Sanitizing Cabinet provides comfort by helping to make workplace tools, medical and personal items, and office equipment safe and hazard-free.”

By optimally positioning germ and virus killing UV-C LED modules inside the cabinet to eliminate blind spots, contents are sanitized within minutes. The germicidal effects of UV light are well known and medically researched. UV-C light wavelengths between 200 and 280 nanometers are used as against bacteria, molds, and virus.

Micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, cysts and mold are simple lifeforms that reproduce by subdivision, budding or by producing spores. Reproduction of these organisms is vital to their lifecycles and loss of their ability to grow and multiply is classified as cellular death and renders them harmless and no longer pathogenic. The LiteSheet LED UV-C Sanitizing Cabinet quickly and efficiently disrupts the lifecycle of bacteria and viruses, like COVID19.

“When exposing micro-organisms to UVC light, the light penetrates through their cell walls and disrupts the structure of their DNA molecules, prohibiting reproduction.  Because UV sanitization does not rely on chemicals or filtration materials, it can be used effectively and safely,” said Todd Hodrinsky, LiteSheet Solutions founder and chief technology innovations officer.

Additional safety features include a digital timer and an interlock cabinet door to ensure the UV-C modules cannot be powered on until the cabinet door is securely closed. Front panel controls include On-Off Power, timer control, door interlock, in use LED indicator and emergency stop for door open.

Features include:

  •  120VAC cord with plug, 60Hz
  •  Includes LEDs, which are longer lasting compared to mercury vapor tubes
  •  Solid state LEDs, are stable in motion and vibration environments
  •  Focused LED lensing for optimal power irradiation
  •  Environmentally friendly, no harmful mercury as found in tubes
  •  Specific UV-C wavelength for virus sterilization
  •  1-Year Warranty
  •  UL 61010-1 Certification
  •  FCC Part 15 Compliant

The LiteSheet LED UV-C Sanitizing cabinet has the following size and weight specifications:

  •  Overall: (H) 25″ x (W) 18.25″ x D 19.25″
  •  Opening: (H) 19″ x (W) 12″
  •  Inside: (H) 18″ x (W) 18″ x (D) 18″
  •  Weight: 50 lbs
  •  Material: Mill finished aluminum

“All LiteSheet products are manufactured in Virginia with both US and imported parts to the highest specifications,” added Whyte, “The LED UV-C Sanitizing Cabinet offers health and safety solutions for users backed by American-made reliability.”

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