EliteHealth and 1.800MD Introduce Simple Employer COVID-19 Testing and Contact Tracing Program

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EliteHealth, a leader in value-based healthcare for the last thirty years, and 1.800MD, one of the nation’s oldest and largest telemedicine companies with over 2.5 million members, join their industry expertise and experience to form Imhealthytoday, a comprehensive back to work program. Imhealthytoday is a turn-key complete solution combining proprietary screening and monitoring algorithms, integrated telehealth, expedited COVID-19 testing, contact tracing, real-time utilization reporting, and safety protocols.

Profile photo of Steven Schnur MD
Imhealthytoday CEO Steven Schnur, MD.

“We realized the need for a physician-supervised solution that was customizable to all different industries,” said Imhealthytoday CEO Steven Schnur, MD. “We offer a national clinical network of over 1700 accredited physicians specializing in telehealth monitoring, working in concert with our proprietary online assessment self-checkers designed by EliteHealth in collaboration with leading infectious disease experts.”

Profile photo of Andy Jacobson
Imhealthytoday COO Andy Jacobson

“Never before have organizations had to rethink their workplace strategies so quickly. To protect their employees today and safeguard against future disruption, employers must act immediately prioritizing safety, health, and wellbeing,” said Imhealthytoday COO Andy Jacobson.

Introducing Imhealthytoday

Imhealthytoday goes beyond the existing symptom checking tools and apps, offering online screenings, medical televisits, COVID-19 testing, real-time reporting, and contact tracing tools to support organizations as they navigate the next phase of returning to the workplace.

How Does Imhealthytoday Work?

Upon activation via SMS messaging and email, members securely log in and complete an initial assessment. This assessment allows members to self-report the risk of exposure by answering a series of screening, contact, health-related, and COVID-19 symptom questions.

The initial assessment triages members, according to their results, into two groups using color-coded alerts. Those who have not been exposed receive a date-stamped green sign on their phone and inbox clearing them to return to work. Those whose results indicate they might be infected receive a red sign with recommendations on self-isolation, instructions on how to obtain a medical tele-visit, and the next steps. Board-certified physicians review the algorithm results and make final recommendations. All this information is reflected in the Workforce Dashboard, providing human resources leaders with a real-time view of their workforce return readiness. In addition, our specialists become part of your Human Resources team, providing guidance and support.

Beyond empowering clients to respond to the challenges of COVID-19 effectively, Imhealthytoday allows them to take the first step in safeguarding their organization and be ready for any future disruption.

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