SmartWaiver Supports Contactless COVID-19 Liability Management

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With businesses and other activities starting to open up after a three-month COVID-19 hiatus, naturally, there are ongoing concerns about the continued spread of the virus.  More than half of U.S. states have seen recent upticks in confirmed cases, with a dozen seeing record numbers of new cases, after initiating their re-opening phases.

Because most organizations have to rely on honest information from workers or participants regarding their current conditions as they relate to the coronavirus, many are also requiring people to sign waivers specifically related to the pandemic.  While there are many contact tracing and screening apps available already, the fact is much of the information driving their effectiveness is user-dependent.  When you also factor in asymptomatic carriers, there’s almost no way to eliminate risk completely.

It’s one reason Smartwaiver has seen a significant uptick in demand for its digital waiver solution as businesses and other organizations try to manage their COVID-19 liability.

“This is a very sensitive time for many businesses and COVID-19 liability has become a real issue that many industries now have to manage.  From hair and nail salons, day spas and tattoo parlors to dentists and sports clubs, more businesses now need to protect themselves and their customers with liability waivers.”

Maria Trysla, CEO, Smartwaiver

Smartwaiver’s cloud-based technology allows any organization to deliver contactless waivers directly to mobile devices, reducing paperwork, cost, and of course, physical contact.  It also makes it easy to collect waivers in advance, streamlining on-site processes.

Smartwaiver offers two versions of its waiver technology – web-based and kiosk – depending on each organization’s needs.  Waivers can be completely customized to meet any needs, and can include any combination of initial and signature boxes to accommodate any requirements.  It also includes an auto photo capture feature that captures photos of participants signing waivers for increased security.  Where needed additional information, like safety or other instructional videos or documentation, can be attached to waivers.  The system also accommodates parent or guardian relationships, so they can sign for minors.

Smartwaiver also integrates with several reservation and facility management solutions, to make booking processes simpler, allowing customers to complete waivers when they make their reservations.  Organizations are the able to easily track waivers against registrations to ensure everyone participating in any activity has completed the process.

The company’s APIs allow developers to build deeper integrations into other processes and applications, as well, to further enable efficient facility management.

Organizations can add a waiver widget directly on their registration pages, or can send links via text or email, making the process seamless.  Smartwaiver says it has collected more than 80 million waivers using its solution.

Given the uncertainty around COVID-19, and the recent surges, it’s not unreasonable to expect many types of organizations will add COVID-19 waivers to their protocols.