Supearior Automated Temperature Checking Kiosk Adds Safety to Reopenings

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If you want to reopen your small business safely, it’s necessary to take some precautions and comply with federal and local regulations. In fact, it may make sense to exceed them when possible.

The Supearior Automated Temperature Screening Kiosk (ATSK) can play a part in helping you avoid any costly closing orders by ensuring that your staff and customers are fully healthy.

Requiring face masks and checking temperatures are two of the most important steps you can take to ensure everyone’s safety when you reopen. The Supearior ATSK helps eliminate labor costs by replacing a dedicated temperature screener with a stationary kiosk that can quickly check people for fever in as little as one second. The company says it provides a temperature reading via IR scanning with 99.7 percent accuracy, alerting you immediately if somebody is showing signs of fever. Plus, by having the remote kiosk in place, it lessens the chance of your employees coming in direct contact with sick people, helping to prevent the spread of viruses to incoming guests and employees. 

If someone has temperature – a red alert sounding alarm goes off.

The Supearior ATSK also has the ability to deny access to a door or gate if someone isn’t wearing a face mask. With facial recognition technology, it can store up to 30,000 faces, creating a database of people who previously attempted to enter the premises without a mask or recently had a fever. All that storage can also be a valuable resource for contact tracing efforts.

Prices range between $2,650-$3,000.

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