UDoTest Launches COVID-19 Employer Testing Platform

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As more of us begin to resume our normal lives – whatever that means, we will undoubtedly come into more contact with other people. We will want to know if our friends, relatives and coworkers are infected or are potentially shedding virus.

Numerous companies have announced solutions for the workplace.

UDoTest, a Massachusetts-based software company focused on B2B at-home health screening, recently launched an employer testing platform for COVID-19 which supports employers with key decision-making for employees upon a return to the workplace.

Allison Martin, CEO of UDoTest

“We originally launched our COVID-19 testing platform for large physician networks, and it is already serving employers in the wellness, manufacturing, hospitality, software, and transportation industries,” said Allison Martin, CEO of UDoTest. “I am a business owner, so I directly feel the pain of employers during these times. I have been personally blown away by the stresses businesses are dealing with at the moment, and that’s why we amplified our testing solution to easily solve one, if not two, of employers’ current challenges.”

UDoTest’s B2B lab testing software was designed to personalize at-home lab testing and, for COVID, has access to more than 15 nationally-verified labs offering a high volume of both clinician-collected and self-collection FDA EUA Authorized COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) virus tests and antibody tests. UDoTest’s enterprise tools can uniquely quality-check, search, and identify labs with testing capacity at the time of ordering, and therefore, is able to improve turnaround times which can be a significant problem in COVID-19 testing. In some cases, UDoTest has been able to report same-day results.

“UDoTest is an essential tool in our COVID response plan,” said Rose Uranga, compliance officer at IPM Doctors. “Their easy to use test kits and rapid results have markedly improved staff confidence and morale. UDoTest is instrumental in helping us support our medical practice during COVID.”

Via the UDoTest platform, employers, like IPM Doctors and others, have access to confidential, nationwide, self-collection and clinician-collected COVID-19 and antibody tests for all or some employees. Both employers and employees get HIPAA compliant secure, private portal, and proprietary tools to make access to UDoTest’s labs’ tests and physicians easy. This both lowers employers’ liability risk and empowers employers to decide whether a return to work if viable.

UDoTest originally launched its COVID-19 testing platform for large physician networks and now is serving employers in the wellness, manufacturing, hospitality, software and transportation industries.

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