Vitalacy SmartBand Offers Workplace Safety

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Safely reopening the world will require a group effort, from contact tracing and social distancing, to office density levels and wearables. As the technology community puts its efforts toward the problem launching creative solutions for the enterprise, the coming months will offer case studies on the post-COVID world.

Los Angeles-based market research and experience management technology provider Fuel Cycle Inc. is reopening its office, and selected Vitalacy’s workplace safety technology to do so.

“We needed to ensure our business strategy was complying with CDC’s guidelines of promoting safe social distancing and proper hand hygiene,” Fuel Cycle Human Resources Director, Yami Rodriguez shared. “Coming back to work in an office can be an understandable concern for our employees and their families. It was important for us to invest in measures to help reduce risk of exposure.” 

Each Fuel Cycle team member is given a Vitalacy SmartBand that tracks distance to other SmartBands in the office. The wearable reminds employees to wash hands every hour, notifies users when they’ve been too close for tool long to a coworker, but does not track user location and maintains all data is anonymous. The SmartBand was recently named in Newsweek’s Best in HealthCare 2020 list, considered on of the best monitoring products for infection prevention

“We quickly realized our platform designed to help hospitals prevent the spread of infection could be used to help the workplace prevent the spread of COVID-19,” said Janel Nour-Omid, Vitalacy CEO and Cofounder. “We are honored to be incorporated into Fuel Cycle’s employee safety plan and help Los Angeles reopen responsibly.” 

Fuel Cycle is one of several businesses taking the technology for a test drive, serving as beta for businesses seeking the proper pandemic tech solutions.