Awrel Launches AI-based Conversational Dental Assistant

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To support COVID-19 demands and deliver an entirely new digital approach for emergency patient engagement, Awrel, a dental software solutions company, unveiled its new Emergency Dental Virtual Assistant. The turnkey chatbot, deployed by embedding a single snippet of code into an existing website, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to empower remote triage and management of dental emergencies.

This solution gives patients 24×7 access to screening and question-answering tools designed to collect relevant information and provide clinically vetted recommendations for next-step actions (self-care, appointment scheduling, etc.) Dental providers receive chatbot notifications via HIPAA-compliant text messaging. Follow-up patient communication is done via phone or Awrel’s HIPAA-compliant texting application. Data exchanged via the Awrel chatbot and texting applications can be readily transferred to the patient’s dental record.

Alan Farber, DDS
Alan Farber, DDS

“This is the way of the future, the new normal,” said Alan Farber, DDS. “Healthcare has seen major advances in digital patient engagement, yet HIPAA compliance has remained a challenge. Today, COVID requires dentists to reinvent themselves. Awrel’s solutions provide a secure and cost-effective way to meet unprecedented demands for remote caregiving. It’s a win-win for practices and patients.”

The bot is live at the site of Farber Center for Periodontics and Dental Implants.

While Dr. Farber initially deployed the chatbot to better meet existing customer needs, he and his colleagues were pleased to discover that it has generated several new patients. They have used Awrel’s virtual assistant since February to support their two New York-based practice locations. 

According to Dr. Farber, 24×7 access to the screening tool allows patients to exchange information at a time and place that’s convenient to them. “Customer service is key in the new world of healthcare – and this approach is rock solid. Some patients are more willing to share information with a bot rather than with a live human, and to do so in a timelier fashion. Early intervention can enhance patient experience, improve treatment outcomes, and reduce treatment time.”

Profile photo of Arnold Rosen, DDS, MBA
Awrel Founder and CEO Arnold Rosen, DDS.

“From the start of this pandemic, we worked diligently to develop a solution that immediately supports dental providers seeking an efficient way to triage patients and answer questions while also addressing social distancing needs of staff and patients,” said Awrel Founder and CEO Arnold Rosen, DDS. “Awrel’s offerings are unlike others because they can easily be adapted to work seamlessly across the internet, mobile devices and smart speakers, and can readily integrate with existing tele-dental services.” 

The Farber Center for Periodontics and Dental Implants is among the earliest adopters of Awrel’s chatbot. “The inherent value of virtual experiences is obvious,” Dr. Farber stated. “Patients and staff can better protect themselves against COVID. As an added benefit, our practice has saved valuable time and money by automating once-manual processes for emergency access and assessment.”

Dr. Farber learned about Awrel’s new chatbot during a webinar presented by the International Association of Dental Specialists, an organization he founded. Colleagues responded positively to this new technology, he stated. “Awrel’s tools are very well structured and have worked flawlessly for our practice. I see the use of chatbots as a benefit to any dentist.”

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