Keeping Employees Safe Means Keeping Them 6 Feet Apart

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Over the past few months, it’s become evident that businesses are going to be dealing with new protocols to maintain safe workplaces as they resume operations.  There are new cleaning procedures that will need to be implemented, along with employee screening, headcount monitoring, and distancing measures that will all have to be implemented. 

There are many vendors with solutions already on the market or in development that are designed to help businesses open and operate safely.  But, when it comes to distancing, however, it’s one thing for office managers to move desks and cubicles around or put up Plexiglas barriers.  There are many environments where workers are mobile and risk coming in contact with one another throughout the day.  From warehouses to airports to sports venues to construction sites, staff are constantly moving.

StrongArm Technologies initially developed its wearable tech to reduce injury risk by monitoring movement and running the data through an algorithm to predict risk and generate a safety score.  It has now adapted its technology to help workers, especially those in high-traffic environments – maintain proper distancing.

It’s FUSE wearable sensor has been integrated with distancing alerts to track proximity to other workers and vibrate when it detects another sensor within six feet.  If workers don’t create at least six feet of separation, the device emits an audible signal.  For situations where short periods of closer work is required, the auditory signal can be muted for 60 seconds.

With the data collected, the platform can handle contact tracing, should any workers test positive or exhibit symptoms, so other workers who have been in close proximity can be alerted.

In addition, customizable daily reporting allows managers to get detailed overviews of each day’s activity and proximity alerts, so they can adjust processes accordingly to reduce risk.

While this may not be necessary in all businesses, there are many workers who are constantly in motion and regularly come within a few feet of other employees.  StrongArm’s technology can help keep those workers safe, especially in conjunction with other employee screening solutions.