HealthCheck360 Supports Safe Workplaces with Screening and Care Support Tools

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With the U.S. continuing to set new highs for COVID-19 cases, it’s getting harder and harder for businesses to manage their workplaces and provide safe environments.  The problem is, if they don’t, they risk losing significant portions of their workforces to illness.

Fortunately, there are many new COVID-19 health and safety solutions that have hit the market in recent weeks (many of which have been featured on Pandemic Tech News). 

The latest is a suite of COVID-19 solutions from HealthCheck360, which has launched a series of tools that collectively provide the resources companies need to manage employee health.  The suite includes its daily symptom tracker based on CDC guidelines and is designed to help employers determine which workers can safely go to work and which should either stay home or seek medical care.

With HealtCheck360, employees get a daily text reminder to complete their coronavirus questionnaire before heading to work, at which point they will either be cleared or told to stay at home.  The tracker also includes the ability to handle on-site temperature checks for situations that require it.

When an employee exhibits COVID-19 symptoms, in addition to not being cleared to go to the workplace, employers are also sent automated messages letting them know the employee isn’t going to be in, allowing them to better manage workplace health, but also to manage their labor better.  An administrative portal lets managers, HR personnel, and others with access to track employees’ status and the progression of their symptoms over time through a HIPAA-compliant dashboard.

“Keeping employees safe is of the utmost importance for employers today.  However, managing the process of daily symptom tracking, symptomatic employees, missed work, and on-going support across many locations is challenging.  The HealthCheck360 daily symptom tracker gives everyone, even those who don’t describe themselves as tech-savvy, an easy-to-use tool to mitigate the risks and spread of the virus. 

Michael Kelly, co-founder and vice president, HealthCheck360

In addition, HealtCheck360 provides tools to help employers support any symptomatic employees with care management through a national network of screening partners.  These partners provide antibody testing, temperature screening, and follow-up care and support.  Test results can be uploaded into the HealthCheck360 platform in real time so employers can monitor them to further help them manage their workplaces.