JetBlue Using Honeywell Tech to Disinfect Planes

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As more and more businesses start to return to some level of normalcy – though far from pre-coronavirus conditions – travel is also likely to start picking up.  That means airlines are going to have to continue focusing efforts on health and safety protocols to make sure, that as flights become more full, they are able to minimize risk.  If the virus spreads throughout a flight, there’s no telling how far-reaching the impact could be.

Most airlines have put in place a number of very logical pre- and in-flight safety measures.  Alaska Airlines has even started issuing yellow cards to passengers who fail to comply with its mask policy.  But one of the challenges is the turnaround time between flights.  How do you properly disinfect cabins while preparing for the next flight? 

There’s been lots of talk about using UV-C lighting to disinfect plane cabins, as well many other surfaces in buildings and transportation vessels, which is exactly what JetBlue is now testing.  The airline is using devices from Honeywell as part of its overall Safety from the Ground Up program.  Honeywell’s UV Cabin System is about the size of a beverage service cart, with arms that extend out on each side to flood the cabin with UV rays

“As we look to add additional layers of protection by utilizing cutting-edge technology, we have identified the Honeywell UV Cabin System as a potential game changer when it comes to efficiently assisting in our efforts to sanitize surfaces onboard.”

Joanna Geraghty, president and COO, JetBlue

Honeywell has delivered eight of the devices to JetBlue, which the airline is now testing at two of its main airports – JFK airport in New York and Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida.  Certainly, Florida seems like a logical place to start given the recent surge in cases there.  Honeywell says a mid-size cabin can be disinfected in about 10 minutes.

Here’s the simple truth:  There are many people for whom all the safety measures in the world aren’t going to be enough to convince them to get on a plane right now.  But, there are also plenty of others who either have to travel, or who are willing to take on a little added risk with the assumption that they, along with other passengers, will follow necessary procedures. 

By adding enhanced disinfecting with UV rays to its cleaning procedures, JetBlue is certainly looking to provide the safest travel environment possible, while also providing a little added comfort for those who are still on the fence about traveling.