Pandemic Impact Fund Seeking Investors

Featured Health Tech

There is no doubt pandemic technology has become one of the fastest-growing markets you never saw coming. Comprised of medical, communications, social distancing and other disciplines, it is a market worth many billions if not trillions of dollars.

To take advantage of the huge opportunity the Pandemic Impact Fund is looking for investors who see how big a market this can be and are looking to participate early in getting more companies off and running.

Some of the PIF Team member include:

Peter Adams, co-author of Venture Capital for Dummies, Wiley, 2013, and executive director of the Rockies Venture Network. Dave Harris’s expertise spans finance, capitalization strategies, fundraising and operations. Dave has helped to facilitate and lead over 125 investments from early seed rounds to later stage, follow-on financings. Sue Stash experience spans numerous roles including CEO, Founder, Corporate Executive and Investor including 10+years abroad. She has founded and run for-profit tech companies, as well as impact oriented social and environmental non-profits.  Kevin Morningstar a 35-year veteran of the medical device industry, having served in a variety of positions, including engineering, manufacturing, quality, and regulatory. Barbara Bauer is an experienced, international business leader currently focused on impact investing and social enterprise. She is currently Director of the Women’s Investor Network.

Pandemic Impact Fund is also joined by a group of veteran venture partners and advisors with a depth of expertise across the core areas that the fund will focus on. This includes business executives, venture investors, scientists, and regulatory experts. Finally, the Fund draws upon the experience of over 200 investors through the Rockies Venture Club who bring sector expertise, experience and leadership.