Since You Have to Wear a Mask, Make it a Comfortable One

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Nobody likes wearing a mask.  If anyone tells you they do, they’re not being honest.  They may have gotten used to it, but that’s not the same as liking it.  But, masks are going to be part of our lives for the foreseeable future as we continue to deal with COVID-19 while trying to continue living our lives with some level of normalcy.

So, since we have to wear masks, why not wear comfortable, reusable ones?  At the very least, the discomfort level will be reduced and there won’t be a need to constantly order more disposable ones.

That’s exactly what Michigan-based Duvaltex, which develops medical and technical textiles, is saying with its 3D-knit masks.  Using its 3D knitting technology to create comfortable, contoured masks, Duvaltex has developed masks that are designed for all-day use while complying with CDC recommendations for face coverings to protect against virus transmission.

Its X7 masks are designed with an air chamber design to allow air to circulate more freely than with many other masks, making breathing easier and reducing condensation, while still providing a tight fit on the face.  The yarn used to knit the masks has been engineered to resist odor and reduce microbe-causing bacteria for an additional layer of protection.  The 3D construction allows the masks to be washed without changing their contoured shape, and they can even be cleaned with bleaching solutions without impacting color.

“We are continuing to leverage our extensive experience in the development and production of medical and technical textiles for the healthcare industry to help protect people and limit the spread of viruses, such as COVID-19.  All of our employees are proud to be contributing to the protection of Americans in today’s new reality by preventing the spread of viruses.”

Alain Duval, CEO, Duvaltex

The company invested in its Michigan plant to acquire new equipment and develop the anti-microbial textiles to bring the masks from concept to production quickly.  Individual masks can be ordered directly through the company for $13 each (discounts are available for bulk orders).

Whether you’re wearing your mask to do occasional shopping, going to work on a daily basis, or a student preparing to head off to college in a few weeks, they are a requirement.  At the very least, you may as well make the small investment to make it a less uncomfortable experience, while knowing you’re doing your part to limit the spread of the virus.