Getting Too Close? Radiusafe Will Remind You to mind Your Distance

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All the health and safety plans companies are developing today to protect workers, customers, guests, students, and others are only as effective as their implementation.  It’s great to require people to wear masks, but if you’re not enforcing it, you’re going to find more and more individuals “forgetting.”  The same goes for distancing, without constant reminders, it’s very easy to fall back into pre-coronavirus habits of congregating in close quarters around water coolers, in kitchens or conference rooms, or even at individual desks as the collaborate on projects.

The fact is that maintaining distancing in work environments and schools isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds.  But, with the right technology, it can be much easier.

It’s not practical to have a distancing monitor in offices whose sole function is to make sure people are following proper procedures.  But, devices like Radiusafe can perform that task easily.

Radiusafe is a wearable device that alerts users any time the get too close to another user, either through vibration, an audible alert or LED light change on the device.  A “nextometer” lightbar on the device indicates how close users are to each other:

  • Green:  Safely distanced
  • Yellow:  Getting close, be careful
  • Red:  Too close, move farther apart

The devices can be worn on a lanyard or armband, or they can be attached to belts, offering a variety of options for different work environments and preferences.  The devices don’t geo-locate or store any personal information, and are associated with a unique ID that only the program manager can access.

The devices include a button that shows how many interactions an individual had during the day with others to give instant feedback on how well they are adhering to distancing policies.  They also store up to a year’s worth of data, which can be downloaded when needed to identify with whom an individual interacted.  With that information, it’s easy to alert others when they may have been exposed to COVID-19 when an employee tests positive.

Radiusafe was initially designed for the manufacturing industry, but as more and more verticals exhibit a need to distancing monitoring, its applicability is nearly limitless.  Just about any organization that wants to make people are maintaining appropriate distances can add the devices to their COVID-19 practices.

Each device comes with a device, lanyard, armband, and data cable. enforce social distance

As people go through their workdays, focused on their individual tasks, it’s far too easy to forget about distancing.  Even the most diligent people, who make sure they wear masks and avoid other shoppers in the grocery store, can find it hard to remember to keep six feet apart in workplaces.  Giving them the tech to help them follow the rules is only going to help keep them, their colleagues, and their families safer.