Retrofitting Ceiling Lighting for Safer Buildings

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How do we keep our employees, customers, guests, students, and residents safe?  That’s the question every company executive, school system superintendent, nursing home director – really anyone in charge of a business or facility – is asking these days. 

We want people to be able to get back their normal activities.  Even though there will continue to be limitations and new protocols, it’s important to bring some level of normalcy back to lives after more than four months of chaos.

The question is how to create a safe environment?  School systems are desperately trying to develop plans to bring students back into their buildings.  Nursing homes account for about 40% of coronavirus-related deaths in the U.S., so those facilities are looking for opportunities to ensure resident safety, while allowing them to engage with other residents as well as family members they may not have seen for months.  Retail shops want to be able to promote safe environments to customers.  Businesses need to ensure workforce safety to protect their own revenue streams and operational continuity.  It’s a challenge to which no leadership team is immune.

There are so many solutions coming to market to help with distancing, contact tracing, daily check-ins, and other ways to limit the spread of the virus.  But, considering the virus may remain airborne for several hours, clean air solutions are a necessary component to safety plans.

UV Angel has developed a UV-C light solution that can be easily retrofit into existing ceiling light fixtures in buildings to circulate air through UV-C tubes to inactivate any bacteria before pushing the air back into buildings. 

The UV Angel Air system includes a filter and fan assembly that draws air into the unit, and a sealed UV chamber that sanitizes air as it is pushed through and then pumped back into the room.  The units are designed to fit into existing in-ceiling lighting systems, making them unnoticeable, and with integrated LED lights, they don’t impact room lighting. 

Along with its other preventative measures – including electrostatic spraying, increased PPE use, and frequent testing – Dodge Park Rest Home in Worcester, Massachusetts, installed UV Angel Air units in its facility.

“The UV Angel Air units are a key piece of our overall safety strategy, and we hope to give our residents and staff peace of mind that we are doing everything we can to improve their environment.”

Micha Shalev, co-owner and administrator of Dodge Park Rest Home

In Pine Forge, Pennsylvania, Pine Forge Academy, which has some 130 high school students living on its campus, installed the units in its 85 dorm rooms to create a healthier environment as it transitions back to on-campus learning. 

“We know how important it is to foster safe, in-person learning environments, especially during the critical high school academic years.  The decision to partner with UV Angel to install units across campus empowers us to continue providing a curriculum in a safe, caring environment.”

H. Clifford Reynolds, Headmaster & Principal, Pine Forge Academy

UV Angel has also installed its technology in dental offices and other healthcare facilities to enhance safety measures and protect both patients and medical professionals. 

There’s no simple response to COVID-19, and decisions about if, when, and how to allow employees, students, guests, and customers into buildings aren’t being taken lightly.

The fact is, we don’t know how long this pandemic will linger, but we know it’s not likely to disappear any time soon. We also know people need to get back to their normal activities.

With a design that fits into existing lighting systems, UV Angel Air makes it easy to retrofit any building with existing ceiling lighting with bacteria-eliminating technology that works continuously to create healthier air.

We also know other diseases are transmitted in similar ways, so creating a flow of cleaner air in building is a long-term investment in the overall health and safety in any building.

“UV Angel Air can neutralize bacteria, fungi and viruses, including coronaviruses, traveling through the air, with applications not only in health care, but also in many commercial building and transportation environments including corporate offices, dental, education, airplanes, cruise ships, ride shares, food service and more.”

Dr. Linda Lee, Chief Medical Affairs and Science Officer, UV Angel