Safe Workplaces Need Access to COVID-19 Testing

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As we’ve seen over the past several weeks, the more people get back into the normal pre-coronavirus activities, the greater the chances of the virus spreading in workplaces, schools, and other venues.  Aside from closing down facilities again, the only answer is increased testing and appropriate response to positive cases.

The problem is it’s not always easy to get testing done for an entire workforce – let alone get results back within a reasonable time frame.  BioAgilytix Labs says it can get test results back to companies that need workplace testing with 24-48 hours, though.  While it may not be as fast as is truly needed, it’s much faster than many people have had to wait for their results.

To facilitate faster employee testing, BioAgilytix Labs has launched COVIDence, its complete COVID-19 workforce testing service through its specialized diagnostic testing division, including:

  • PCR-based viral testing to identify active infections – Using nasal or nasopharyngeal swabs, this test can diagnose if an individual has the virus, even if they have not shown symptoms, and
  • Antibody Testing to understand exposure – Using drawn blood samples, this test identifies individuals that have developed an immune response to COVID-19, indicating prior infection.

BioAgilytix is working with BRIO Systems, which developed a digital platform to match employers with labs across the nation that are best equipped to handle their COVID-19 testing needs. 

“Working with BRIO, we have been able to get a complete testing program to market swiftly to support businesses working through the pandemic.”

David Osband, Director of Diagnostics Business Development, BioAgilytix

How does it work?

  1. Request Service – Employers fill out a service request form, to which BioAgilytix will respond within 12 hours to confirm the employer’s needs, and help determine the right volume and frequency of testing and how testing will be conducted and timed.
  2. Sample Collection – In line with state medical supervision requirements, BioAgilytix will deliver self-collection kits to your workplace or deploy qualified nurses to collect samples from your employees.
  3. Ship Samples – BioAgilytix provides shipping materials, including pre-labeled, postage-paid mailers, to easily send collected samples to BioAgilytix’ lab for analysis.
  4. Testing – BioAgilytix uses an FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)-approved PCR test for viral testing and the Roche antibody test, which has specificity greater than 99.8% and sensitivity of 100%.
  5. Results – COVIDence delivers results within 24-48 hours of sample receipt utilizing a 100% digital workflow. Results are simple to access through a HIPAA-compliant portal.  Corporate management can view reports at both the individual and team level.

BRIO’s platform provides the logistics infrastructure to support the employee testing program, including leveraging its healthcare relationships to dispatch professionals for on-site sample collection when needed.  With BRIO’s digital workflow platform and the testing expertise BioAgilytix is able to provide, COVIDense provides an end-to-end testing solution to allow employers to confidently manage their workforces during the pandemic.

“That is really what we are delivering with COVIDence:  The confidence of having organized, actionable data on COVID-19 exposure.  With it, employers can immediately address known positives, proactively prevent spread, and keep teams safe at work.”

David Osband

BioAgilytix’ believes its position as a bioanalytical lab with a premier diagnostic testing facility that includes the technology to support testing for active cases and exposure positions it ideally to support employers as they seek to deliver safe work environments.  Despite all the distancing, temperature monitoring, and contact tracing solutions that are available to support workplace safety programs, none of them are very effective without access to testing.  In fact, it’s a lack of testing capacity that many experts argue was the biggest shortcoming in the country’s COVID-19 response to begin with.

With adequate testing, employers are much better positioned to monitor their workforce health, manage outbreaks and contain the spread of the virus, ensure employees coming back to workplaces are not infected, and effectively understand how effective their return-to-work strategies are.