Clock In, Clock Out, Check Your Temperature

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With the U.S. having now passed the 6 million confirmed COVID-19 case mark, it’s clear we’re nowhere near the end of this pandemic, especially with schools opening and more businesses bringing people back to workplaces.  The increase in movement and activity brings with it increased risk, creating an incumbent need for organizations to closely monitor and manage their workers, students, and others.

For businesses with hourly workers, it can be even harder to manage risk, since each shift or day may have different personnel on-site, making contact tracing and alerting other workers challenging.  TimeClock Plus has a new solution that integrates new health and safety protocols into the time clock process, which helps ensure each employee follows appropriate processes.

The solution is basically a thermal scanner add-on to TimeClock Plus’ existing time clock hardware that reads employees’ temperature as they go to clock in.  The integrated software is able to store and track readings and can prompt employees to respond to customized health questionnaire.  The questionnaire can provide additional information regarding symptoms, and can also help establish a historical reference for contact tracing.  As a fully customizable solution, in addition to CDC-defined coronavirus questions, the system can also ask other workplace-specific information to help increase safety.  Questionnaires can be required when clocking in and out, creating a more detailed timeline should contact tracing become necessary.

“Organizations face many challenges when it comes to creating a safe environment for their employees.  Our Return to Work solutions give organizations a nearly touchless way to monitor worker health and ease concerns so that employees can focus on their work.”

Eric Thurston, CEO, TimeClock Plus

The touchless solution not only eliminates the need for additional staffing to monitor temperature – which would also put that individual at risk.

Features include:

  • Non-invasive screening – The sensor takes only three seconds to scan each employee and the entire screening process is integrated into the normal check-in workflow.
  • Compliance – Protocols are secure and the collected information remains private to comply with both HIPAA and ADA requirements.
  • Easy setup – Messages can be customized to inform employees of specific protocols based on their readings.
  • Temperature Trend Data – Available reporting to identify potential trends that may require additional action.
  • Configurable thresholds – Because every workplace is different, temperature thresholds can be defined to meet organizational needs.
  • CDC-Guideline Screening – For screening accuracy, CDC developed guideline are followed for questions.

The only way to reduce risk is to follow safety protocols and, while no solution is foolproof (short of testing every employee each day, perhaps), technology-driven solutions like TimeClock Plus’ automated Return to Work solution can certainly help, without adding significantly to existing workloads.