FreeStylus Makes Touchscreens Touchless

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As the world continues to adopt touchless technologies in response to COVID-19, what happens to all the public touchscreens that are already in use?  Well before the pandemic, businesses and other organizations had started installing touchscreen solutions to create better experiences. 

In an effort to continue to enable that interactive experience while addressing health and safety concerns, FreeStylus has come up with a fairly simple solution that eliminates the physical contact with touchscreens without compromising experience – a disposable stylus.

While it isn’t a high-tech solution itself, FreeStylus enables the safe use of high-tech solutions that people have become accustomed to. 

“Many organizations are attempting to solve for concerns around COVID-19 community spread related to interactions with public technology surfaces, by implementing technical solutions that most Americans are not comfortable using.  Touch-free does not have to be high-tech.”

Scott Wasser , Founder & CEO, FreeStylus

The company has developed a four-inch stylus made of recycled paper and silicone, which is compatible with all capacitive touchscreens.  Now, instead of requiring contact or more complicated technologies, users are able to simply take a stylus from a dispenser, go about their business on the touchscreen, place the used stylus in a dedicated bin, and move on.  It effectively doesn’t change the time or the experience.  In addition, the stylus can also be used on physical buttons, which create the same contact challenge as touchscreens.

The touchless dispenser is motion activated, so a stylus won’t be exposed to the coronavirus or other germs and bacteria waiting for a new user.  Dispensers can hold 300 styluses, can be mounted on tabletop, wall, or floor stands, and can be powered by wall outlets or batteries.

FreeStylus is launching its contactless solution with several large retailers, restaurant brands, banking institutions, healthcare providers, government agencies, transportation, gaming, grocery, and hospitality companies, and expects to have reach GA status shortly thereafter.

With a solution that is easy to use for any individual, FreeStylus hopes to help restore consumer confidence, while helping to slow the spread of not only COVID-19, but any other contagious diseases.