Pandemic Tech: CloudPano Creates Live 360 Virtual Tours

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A huge challenge for industries like real estate is how to show houses when people don’t want to be in contact with one another. Ditto for auto test drives and live showrooms.

Tech Startup – creator of 360 virtual tour software – Responds to COVID-19 and adds a live video call feature called CloudPlano Live. Similar to Zoom, Facetime or Skype, it helps businesses and real estate transactions move forward virtually without personally going to the location. The goal is to keep the personal touch of a face-to-face sales conversation without personally going there.

Watch the video below to see how it works:

This removes the pain and fear of going to locations and exposing workers or clients to multiple properties and sales inventory. Plus as a salesperson (or real estate broker) you can remove the painful requirement of going to showing after showing, only to result in your clients saying “pass,” and feeling you wasted your time. Imagine a world where, with one click, you can enter a location and have a productive conversation over a virtual tour. Plus you can share a screen easily with one click of a button, enter into a sales conversation and even “pass” back and forth control of the experience.

This is a great example of Pandemic Tech and the Future of Work – allowing the economy to function while still keeping people safe.