COVID-19 Puts Pressure on Security Teams, Increases MSP Opportunity

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses operate – not just temporarily, but most likely on a permanent basis to some extent.  Millions of businesses have had to transition to teleworking environments and, thanks to the cloud-based solutions offered by MSPs, even smaller businesses without the IT expertise to make the transition have been able to successfully adjust. 

Many companies have already indicated they will be extending their teleworking policies indefinitely – and some even have implemented permanent changes.  But, there are countless others still trying to figure it out and are working with disparate technologies cobbled together to create some kind of remote capability.    

Though it’s created hardships for many companies, for MSPs, the crisis has created an opportunity to help others adapt to a new normal. 

But, the outbreak and subsequent work from home mandates have also created new opportunities for cyber crime.  With businesses rapidly implementing new technologies, or extending existing solutions to entire workforces, there are many more connections to corporate networks, and many workers may be using personal devices without appropriate security measures in place. It all creates additional points of vulnerability.

Cyber security was already a huge opportunity for MSPs.  The current situation has only underscored the need for MSPs to include security in their portfolios, to businesses avoid being compromised.  Thousands of fake coronavirus-related websites popped up quickly, and emails and phones are being bombarded by phishing scams.  News outlets are reporting new breaches every day, as cyber attacks are hitting businesses from all angles.

Recognizing the need for MSPs to deliver comprehensive security solutions, cloud security firm Armor has launched a new MSP program to ensure its partners have the tools they need to protect their customers and guide them through their security needs.

“We have worked hard to build a program that makes it easy for all of our partners to launch a comprehensive cloud security solution. The partners are already looked to by their customers as their trusted IT advisors.  By partnering with Armor, they can increase their revenues and strengthen their customer relationships by delivering proven, robust security solutions.”

Matt Cook, Chief Revenue Officer, Armor

New elements Armor has added to its partner program include:

Multi-Tenant Management Capabilities

  • One of the most exciting new elements of functionality built into the Armor Anywhere platform includes its multi-tenant management capabilities and all from one portal. These management capabilities include:
  • Enable MSPs to onboard and manage new customers.
  • Enable MSPs to manage customer licenses, consolidate customer billing, and be alerted to customer security incidents.
  • Receive timely customer threat reports.     

Training around Troubleshooting and Triaging Technical Issues

  • Armor also provides training for its MSPs on how to troubleshoot and triage technical issues, thus enabling the MSPs to become true strategic security consultants to their clients.

With the additional features MSPs are able to offer a more complete set of IT solutions to their customers through a holistic view of all their IT services, creating tighter relationships benefitting both parties.  In addition, MSPs can expand their client bases and add to their MRR with a new suite of security solutions to complement their existing offerings.

Armor has also added a set of new incentives to its partner program designed to add value for partners.

  • New incentives and rewards – Armor is providing new incentives to its partners, including rewarding them with money, gift cards and other fun prizes.
  • Additional Routes to Market – Partners have the opportunity to accelerate their go-to-market strategies benefiting from additional routes to market via Armor and its partner ecosystem across MSPs, VARs, CSPs, ISVs and Agents.
  • Tailored Training – Armor is providing additional training designed to address partners’ evolving business models, needs and requirements to be successful in delivering customers cybersecurity solutions and services.
  • New marketing services and programs – Designed to increased pipeline and revenue, including lead sharing, Armor will provide customized marketing plans for partners.

“The Armor Anywhere cloud security platform has been an excellent addition to our portfolio of AWS managed security services. Armor Anywhere provides the cyber protections our customers need to defend its data and applications from threats, in their AWS cloud environments.” 

Simon Walker, AWS Services Director, Bytes AWS

Cyber attacks were already increasing annually, and there’s no chance of that trend reversing.  This pandemic has only made it evident that businesses are not equipped to manage their security needs on their own in a constantly evolving landscape, and need the help of their MSPs to secure their networks, devices, and applications.