WFM Central to Successful Shift Back to Office

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One day, the world will reopen. And as we work toward that time, it’s important to remember that it will be a new world. A world of social distancing, contact tracing, temperature taking and other safety measures to protect the population, this includes your employee’s office environment.

Verint unveiled enhancements to its WFM solution, adding new capabilities to meet the needs of the workforce transition back to the office.

In addition to continuing to meet service levels across all channels, the curveball coronavirus threw us added new benchmarks for businesses. To meet these requirements Verint’s new WFM will support regular rotation of employees in and out of the office; distancing scheduling by building capacity broken down by zone, workspace and floor; the need for staggered start times; scheduled employee health checks; and mobile scheduling requests and notifications to agents on schedule changes.

“Returning employees to the workplace requires careful consideration, planning and flexibility. Leaders across the organization must work together to create a productive and safe environment for all employees whether they continue working from home or return to the office,” says Verint’s Nancy Treaster, SVP and general manager, strategic operations. “Verint’s market-leading Workforce Management solution provides our customers with the ability to address these challenges with automation.”

Workforce management takes on new meaning in the post-pandemic world, as putting employees first is the only option for re-opening the call center.

What WFM solution is supporting your workforce?