A Workplace Health Management App that Works for Any Organization

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More than 8 million confirmed cases.  Three months of lockdowns and remote working.  Phased re-openings with new health and safety protocols.  It’s been a crazy 2020 thanks to the global spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, and by all estimates, it’s not close to being over.  Still, the general consensus is we can’t keep people at home indefinitely, and businesses need to be able to operate if they are to recover – we already know many will not.

But, if there’s one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, it’s how quickly tech companies can adapt to provide solutions that will help businesses adjust to and adopt these new health and safety practices and reopen with limited risk.

One of the big issues is keeping the virus out of workplaces, which, short or regular testing of all workers, means relying on employees to self-report, while protecting their privacy and security. 

“A few weeks into the COVID-related shutdown, we began to think about how businesses would approach a return-to-workplace strategy.  We quickly realized that it was the perfect application for ONEplatform and, in less than seven weeks, our team built a robust and customizable platform.”

Kevin Austin, Co-Founder, Safentri.

The Safentri solution gives any organization the ability to implement return-to-work procedures and policies for employees, visitors, customers, vendors, contractors, players, coaches, fans, and anyone else that needs to be on-site.  Unlike many of the other health monitoring apps, the Safentri solution runs through a web app – so it doesn’t require downloads and makes it universally applicable and usable across devices and operating systems.  As a web app, it also ensures the latest version is always used without requiring device-based app updates.

Safentri started as a more basic self-assessment tool, but with so many different variables across businesses and industries that need a more broad and expansive set of tools, the company built out a more robust application that is now able to do much more than just ask employees if they are exhibiting symptoms.  Now, with the app, any organization can monitor, manage, and educate all participants in their environments through broad feature set that can be adapted to any specific needs.

“What started as a return-to-work assessment app for employers has expanded to allow us to quickly respond to the market with additional capabilities, such as vendor/visitor management, ongoing safety training, facilitation of COVID-19 testing, and access to PPE. We are engaging with organizations from various industries.”

David Essary, Co-Founder, Safentri

It starts with a COVID-19 screening questionnaire that allows organizations to screen anyone requesting access and to identify their risk level based on symptoms, travel histories, or other factors.  It can be a one-time use for customers, or a daily routine for employees, or whatever frequency is needed to ensure safety when accessing facilities.

Businesses can customize their check-in processes based on their unique needs and local and state regulations.  Processes can include secure electronic identification and check-in, testing validation, acknowledgement of procedures and policies, temperature checks, logging and tracking of all data – anything needed to ensure effective management of anyone entering their facilities, and to as well as to help facilitate ongoing tracking for potential exposure.

Importantly, Safentri brought on labor and employment law firm Hall Booth Smith to provide legal expertise and help ensure regulatory compliance.  The solutions has received HIPAA, CPR, and OSHA certification.

Safentri’s broad feature set includes:

  • Resources – Manage common and specific resources including policies, procedures, information, surveys, questionnaires and diagnostics.
  • Testing – Access to closed-loop COVID-19 testing and reporting/uploading of results.
  • Digital Validation – An automated validation process to review, approve or reject a user based on health status and compliance to facility entry requirements.
  • Awareness Training – On-line education and training courses complete with testing and certification for all access roles.
  • Alerts – Instant alerts through Push, Text, or Email notification services.
  • Dashboard – Track more than 450 unique data points, with a summary and drill-down access in real-time, to track, manage and control risk.
  • Secure – Encrypted tokens manage user roles; all data is encrypted at rest and in transit.
  • Scalable – Deployed on AWS using Docker containers and Kubernetes orchestration, providing on demand horizontal scaling.
  • Plug & Play – Integrate into existing access control systems via web service APIs or deploy as a standalone platform that can be launched in mere days.
  • Easy to Use – Logical and easy to navigate app built on a no-code platform allowing instant adaptation to rapidly evolving business and legal landscapes.
  • HR Integration – Integrates with HR Systems to import company rosters and email/text user login to all eligible employees.

While it may be difficult to create a solution to address every unique situation, the app’s own features along with the ability to integrate with other systems and apps makes Safentri applicability than most of the other apps out there.