QR Code-based Universal Health Passport Allows Access to Any Facility

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As we watch COVID-19 cases balloon across the country – the U.S. has now closing in on the 4.5 million mark – there’s only one way to avoid a recall of the re-opening procedures that have been implemented over the past week weeks and going back into lockdown.  Companies and individuals have to do a better job of protecting themselves and others, which also means making use of the tools that are available to manage the pandemic.

That includes rigorous cleaning and sanitization protocols, but it could also mean things like temperature screening, or even testing in some instances.  But perhaps the most common tool is self-screening, which allows people to complete short health questionnaires to assess their risk levels.

HealthCheck has created a platform to easily allow companies to perform employee, customer, or guest screening before allowing them into any facility.  It’s actually an enhanced version of the solution it launched two month ago and uses simple QR codes to assess and share individuals’ health status in relation to federal, state, local, and organizational guidelines.  It allows any organization to collect the health information they need to grant or deny access to individuals and protect others from exposure. 

It’s a simple process that takes less than a minute for the screening process via an encrypted system that ensures data privacy and security.   When needed, self-screenings can be performed multiple times per day to ensure continued compliance and safety. 

The process is simple.  Users download the companion app, HealthCheck Guard, complete the self-assessment by answering a few questions about their health, and if approved based on guidelines, they will received a HealthCheck passed QR code. 

But maybe the most innovative part of the solution is it’s not limited to one organization.  The QR code can be used for access to any facility using the HealthCheck platform.  For instance, if you are headed out to dinner, a restaurant may ask to see your QR code.  Then, if you’re going to take in a movie after dinner, the same QR code will allow you access to the theater if it is also using the HealthCheck system.  The same solution can be deployed in any venue to easily allow entry, from shopping malls to sports venues to corporate buildings to convention centers.  As long as you have a valid QR code, you will be able to enter any location using HealthCheck.

“We know based on our previous efforts, that companies and individuals want to implement these safety measures.  We’ve taken that one step further by providing a universal health passport to make partaking in these measures easier than ever.  This technology allows consumers to safely move through their day – from home to work to all life’s touch points–- while making screening easy for businesses to adopt and implement across the board.”

Ryan Trimberger, Co-Founder and CEO, Stratum

HealthCheck’s QR-code-supported system features three interfaces – Passport, Guard and Control.

  • Passport – Specifically designed for the private citizen/consumer for use as a self-screening app and universal ticket to gain access to public places; this unique vantage point shares the time and date stamp of the last HealthCheck and provides a proximity check based on one’s current location, incorporating relevant state / geographical / location guidelines.
  • Guard – Utilized by a designated internal company stakeholder to scan and monitor HealthCheck Passport results in order to allow or deny access to public spaces.
  • Control – A dashboard that aggregates and anonymizes data results, allowing companies to determine potential organizational health risks and meet contact tracing requirements.

HealthCheck conforms to data privacy laws, including GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act, and does not track or store individual data via GPS or Bluetooth.  Its real-time results are encrypted and provided to individuals with recommendations based on their answers:

  • Pass  – Clear in temperature and symptoms; Free to attend work and public spaces as usual.
  • Warn – Consult your physician or employer.
  • Alert – You are displaying COVID-19 symptoms and could put others at risk; please contact a health provider immediately.

Since launching in May, HealthCheck has already been adopted by more than 5,000 businesses across a variety of industries. 

Here’s the catch.  As with any self-screening app, success is dependent upon people’s honest responses.  The hope is that people will understand the gravity of providing false information and put their own and others’ safety first, even if it means having to forego certain activities.

It’s no different than wearing masks – just do it!