VANTIQ, RoviSys Partner to Counter COVID-19 in Industrial Environments

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The pandemic tech space is growing rapidly and just today it was revealed Amazon is using Augmented Reality to keep workers safe. By drawing virtual lines around workers, they are able to keep a safe space between each other as they social distance.

In addition, on our sister site, Industrial IoT News, Ken Briodagh broke the news that VANTIQ and RoviSys are partnering on countering Covid-19 in industrial environments. The new partnership will develop applications that detect and contain COVID-19 in critical life science, food & beverage, airport, and IIoT environments.

Bryan DeBois, Director, Industrial AI, RoviSys

“Our customers need tools that help get operations back up and running as soon as possible,” said Bryan DeBois, Director, Industrial AI, RoviSys. “But ensuring employee safety is crucial. Reliable solutions are going to require real-time monitoring systems that can safeguard everyone in the workplace. The relationship between RoviSys and VANTIQ to rapidly build these mission-critical applications and systems for the industrial space is important today and in the foreseeable future.”

Together, the companies said they will build applications based on VANTIQ’s real-time, event-driven architecture that are designed to track people’s movements and body temperatures in order to monitor environmental health.  RoviSys, a provider of process automation, systems integration and building automation solutions, will extend the solution to the chemical, petrochemical, power and energy, data center, building management, water and wastewater, paper and wood, utilities, and oil and gas industries, according to the release.

“Getting people back to work during COVID-19 means that we have to track people in time and space, leveraging IoT sensors, thermal imaging and other applicable technologies,” said Marty Sprinzen, co-founder and CEO, VANTIQ. “We’re excited to work with RoviSys to build customized applications for specific industrial needs, using the VANTIQ platform to enable lightning-fast development for real-time, real-world environments.”

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