thyssenkrupp Elevator Utilizes Pandemic Tech for Healthier Workplaces

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The elevator is one of the most important areas of focus as people return to workplaces, hotels, casinos, etc. Social distancing can be an issue when many people are packing themselves into a small metal box.

This is why thyssenkrupp Elevator is utilizing pandemic tech for healthier workplaces. The company is offering social distancing services for destination-based dispatching. Their AGILE and Destination Dispatching elevator systems – included with their MAX Pro digital service package limits passengers assigned to each elevator car.

To prevent germ transmission, they are offering Toe-To-Go (T2G) foot-activated elevator call buttons by MAD Elevator Inc. Press your shoe on these hall or car station buttons to call the elevator or select your floor, and receive a hands-free elevator experience.

T2G’s are easily retrofitted to existing elevator installations and come in stainless steel or brass finishes. Tenants and building guests will appreciate the new touchless way of operating your elevators.

They are also offering the UV-C Handrail Sterilization Unit from EHC Global, Inc.

Installed in the interior of the escalator or moving walk, the module uses UV-C wavelengths to continuously eliminate microbes from the handrail surface. Studies have shown UV-C wavelengths to be effective against bacteria and viruses through penetrating their cells and damaging the DNA or RNA containing their genetic code.

By being internally mounted, this module eliminates risk of:

  • Entrapment of fingers or clothing
  • Damage from impact or vandalism
  • Obstruction of ingress or egress access

In all, this is great pandemic tech designed to keep people safe as they get back to work and in their apartments and hotels.

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