Skyroam and LabWare Join Forces on New Portable, Point-of-Care COVID-19 Test Kit

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Last year we broke the news about the Skyroam Solis X being a full-featured global smartspot for travelers – the first premium portable hotspot with WiFi, remote camera, power bank, and smart assistant.

The company is now partnering with LabWare, a leading provider of enterprise software for testing laboratories, in which its Skyroam Solis Lite 4G LTE hotspot will deliver mobile WiFi connectivity as part of LabWare’s new Portable Disease Surveillance Lab (PDSL) kit.

Eric Plam, President at Skyroam

“Stopping the spread of COVID-19 is a global effort that begins with the ability to test effectively and communicate accurate results,” said Eric Plam, President at Skyroam. “Skyroam is proud to be part of Labware’s mission-critical initiative, leveraging vSIM to deliver fast, reliable mobile data via local LTE carriers throughout the world.”

Since mid-February, LabWare has been actively working with public and private sector organizations around the world to apply its considerable know-how and advanced technology to expand COVID-19 testing. This includes implementing workflow and performance enhancements to support an increase laboratory testing capacity to meet unprecedented public health testing demand.

This new partnership will help reduce the need for cumbersome, and often mistake-prone, paperwork. LabWare’s new PDSL kit will also enable rapid communication of testing results to individuals as well as public health labs anywhere across the country, including the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

LabWare founder Vance Kershner at the Delaware BioScience Association's annual awards dinner, where his company received the Company of the Year award.
Vance Kershner, owner of LabWare

“Testing for COVID-19 in the U.S. currently relies on drive-through sites, as well as in-clinic and hospital testing. But, these efforts to scale testing capacity while utilizing paper registrations are cumbersome, and at risk, without an efficient system to effectively collect, manage and distribute the data,” said Vance Kershner, owner of LabWare. “With the new Portable Disease Surveillance Lab (PDSL) kit and the addition of Skyroam, we can successfully manage the rapid deployment of HIPAA compliant data from a point-of-care environment, via secure Wi-Fi and LabWare’s cloud, to laboratories and State Health Agencies as well as providing accurate patient contact information for the testing lab to get results back to the patient. LabWare’s Mobile Solution and the SkyRoam network can function globally at scale and use test results to inform subsequent protocols for patient care and/or re-entry.”

According to LabWare, each suitcase-sized PDSL kit includes a Skyroam Solis Lite 4G LTE global Wi-Fi hotspot and a tablet computer connected to a cloud-based HIPAA compliant laboratory information management system (LIMS) software portal. The Skyroam Solis Lite delivers data via an encrypted communication network and works in over 130 countries, a potential game-changer for capturing and analyzing test results from hot zones around the globe.

The new system rapidly captures demographic and clinical information, documents field collection of respiratory swabs for COVID-19 testing with real-time data monitoring. Current virus detection tests can take hours but with LabWare’s PDSL kit, test results are immediately available to state health workers, and may be automatically transmitted to other recipients when appropriate (e.g., CDC nursing home best practices).

Utilization of the kit will result in the shortest possible processing time with close to zero returns due to transcription errors. This step change in data collection and sharing could transform both the effectiveness and strategic deployment of testing while giving health officials critical, timely information to help contain the spread of the disease.

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